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Posted On Wednesday, June 9th, 2010
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Last week I was invited to the Taste of McDonald’s, where the fast food chain gave attendants an advanced preview of their healthier menu items for summer.

The event was held at a midtown Manhattan branch and the top two floors were transformed into a relaxing atmosphere complete with stations set up for massages and manicures. I didn’t have time for a mani (I was on my lunch break) but I did get an awesome massage that nearly put me to sleep.

Though I wanted to stay in the massage chair forever, I had to try out the new food additions.

{The most gracious host ever, Bevy Smith, and BET’s Alesha Renee.}

The McCafé Real Fruit Smoothies were sheer perfection. The fruit and low fat yogurt combo was refreshing and sweet without being too sweet. I tried both blends, Mixed Berry and Strawberry Banana, but the strawberry was my absolute fave.

I didn’t get to sample the McCafé Frappes, but other attendants thought the whipped cream topped, ice blend drinks were absolutely divine.

{Recording artist Jenna Andrews is all smiles as she enjoys a Frappe.}

Though I typically go to Micky D’s for their fries (aren’t they so addictive?), I made sure to try one of the Angus Snack Wraps. Made of 100 percent angus beef and wrapped in a soft flour tortilla, the company unveiled three different varieties: Deluxe, Bacon and Cheese and Mushroom and Swiss. I tried the bacon wrap and loved it. The ingredients tasted fresh and the light bite was great for an on the go snack.

All of the menu items debut this summer.

{Fonzworth Bentley chats it up with Chef Dan Coudreaut, director of
culinary innovation for McDonald’s.}

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3 thoughts on “Taste of McDonald’s

  1. Sounds like a fun event. Do you find the same people are attending all the events you go to? I had the same problem and could not recycle outfits as easily. LOL

    • Yes, there’s always the “problem” of running into the same people. I just try to remix an outfit and wear it different ways everytime.

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