Benefits of Thrift Shopping in a Small Town

Posted On Monday, October 21st, 2013
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Living in New York City means I have access to amazing thrift stores. There’s even a strip of secondhand shops on East 23rd Street where I had one of my last thrift shopping tours. You really can’t beat having seven day access to finding potential thrift store scores.
But what about people who don’t live in major cities? Well, you’re not out of luck. And I actually like thrift shopping in a quaint town. Here are 3 reason I prefer thrift shopping in a small town.

Thrift Store Finds: Furniture Edition

Posted On Monday, October 14th, 2013
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thrift shopping furniture, thrift shopping for furniture

Last week I made my way to the Salvation Army and did a little browsing. I was surprised to see it was packed in the middle of the day. Seriously, I’ve never seen the line that long on a weekday. But I guess everyone wanted to take advantage of the 50 percent off family sale they have every Wednesday.
After not finding anything great {but I can’t say I really looked that hard}, I made my way to the third floor. One thing I really love about this location is the furniture selection. The entire upstairs is devoted to furniture and home decor {and there’s even a nice book selection}.
Check out what I found during my trip and a few tips on how to thrift shop for furniture.

3 Tips to Make Your Thrift Store Clothes Look More Expensive

Posted On Friday, October 11th, 2013
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By now we all know that “cheap” thrift store clothes don’t have to look cheap. Besides secondhand shops having amazing pieces, there are things you can do and garments you can seek out that can make a $2 find look like a million bucks.
You can make minor changes like swapping out the buttons and replacing shoe tips to make clothes look more expensive, but below are some additional ways and specific items to scope out that elevate your look.

Thrifty Threads: Head to Toe $15 Outfit

Posted On Wednesday, October 9th, 2013
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thrifty threads, thrift shopping tip This weekend I was having one of those days where I didn’t want to get too dressed up, but didn’t want to be super casual either. So I whipped out my new favorite pants scored from the Salvation Army. Though I’m typically a skinny jeans or dress type of girl, these drawstring pants with tapered leg are my new BFF. Besides being supremely comfortable, they pair well with almost anything in my closet.
After getting dressed, I realized my entire outfit {head to toe!} was less than 20 bucks.

How to Inspect Your Thrift Store Clothes Before You Buy

Posted On Wednesday, September 25th, 2013
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You’ve made it, you finally found some great pieces you want to buy from the thrift store. But before you drop cash, it’s important to really inspect your thrift store scores. This step may be the most important of them all. Because there’s nothing more disappointing {and a waste of money} than buying what you think is a gem and it’s really a dud.
Check out four tips to closely inspect your thrifted clothes and accessories.