Staying Warm and Stylish on Game Day

Posted On Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015
Filed Under: Deals & Steals, shopping, Style Guide

It may shock some people to know that I’m a big MMA fan, but it also may {or may not?} shock you to know I’ve never been to a professional sporting event. Even back in high school when my school’s football team was state champs {go Hackensack Comets!}, I never attended a single game.
However, I have started watching football. It all started about two or three years ago when I went to a Super Bowl party and instead of just eating buffalo wings with blue cheese, I actually watched the game. And I liked it. Like, I was really getting into it. I still don’t fully understand the rules, but it’s entertaining.
And my team of choice has become the Pittsburgh Steelers. Though I have yet to go to a game, when I do make it there, I’ll be decked out in style with some threads from the NFL Shop. This look is fashionable but still warm enough for game day!

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