Score Department Store Deals with These 5 Savvy Tips

Posted On Monday, September 14th, 2015
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Though I’m a thrift shopping pro, I love a good cheap chic deal at major department stores as well. But I hate how contrived many of the displays and “sales” are intended to make you spend more. Seriously, there’s a psychology behind the music they play, the non-existence of clocks and more. It’s so easy to get caught up and overspent {hence why I posted this on Instagram today}!
If you want to shop smart and score the real deals, check out a few tips to navigate any department store.

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The ONE Reason Now is the Best Time to Thrift Shop

Posted On Monday, December 22nd, 2014
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You never know what the inventory at a thrift store is going to be. It’s either a serious hit {thrift store scores galore!} or an absolute miss and you walk away empty handed. But I always tell people now, right now, is the perfect time to thrift shop and you have better odds of finding serious gems.

And there’s one reason why…everyone’s donating!

Top Black Friday Sales + How to Shop Them

Posted On Wednesday, November 27th, 2013
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If you follow me on Twitter, then you saw my tweet about people in Ohio who lined up for Black Friday sales 10 days in advance.
Well, you clearly don’t have to be that crazed to score some major sales this Black Friday. From clothes and accessories that start at just $5 {thanks H&M} to beauty essentials for 10 bucks, you’ll have no problem finding goods for yourself or holiday gifts for the ones you love. And since “Black Friday” sales now start on Thursday {or even earlier!} for many retailers, you can start shopping now or at least devise your game plan. There are so many deals out there and it’s hard to navigate where to go {either in store or online}, so I’ve compiled 10 top Black Friday sales.

Shop Smart: How to Determine If It’s Really a Sale

Posted On Friday, September 20th, 2013
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looking fly on a dime smart shopping

The image above cracks me up and when I posted it on Instagram, you guys were equally amused and had expressed you’ve been there before.
We see the “sale” sign and our eyes automatically light up. Or maybe it’s the allure of clothes and accessories that are marked half off. I mean, I get it. If it’s on “sale,” then that means we’re getting a bargain, right? Wrong!
This is a fairly common tactic some retailers use to reel you in and make you think you’re getting serious bang for your limited buck.
But there are easy ways for us savvy shoppers to ensure we’re really getting a deal and not simply being pulled in by smoke and mirrors.

Black Friday Survival Guide

Posted On Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011
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In addition to blogging here for Looking Fly on a Dime, I’m a contributing writer for the fashion site, StyleBlazer. Of course I had to share a piece I wrote for them on Black Friday.

Black Friday is almost here. You’ve been gearing up for this all year and reading up on the stores you want to attack {check out for the major retailers’ sales}. That’s great but now you need a survival guide for the big day. Having a game plan can mean the difference between snagging a must have item and walking away empty-handed.

Here are some last-minute tips to make your Black Friday shopping a success.

Shop Solo:
Lets admit it, sometimes us ladies like to shop in groups. Well, not today. Split off from your chicas so you can divide and conquer. When you go to one store and she goes to another, it’s like you’re in two places at once. If you strike out at your store maybe she’ll find something at hers. And vice versa. Just communicate with each other ahead of time and while you’re shopping so you can tell the other what you’re in the market for.