Fab, Fit & Frugal: The Perfect Soda Substitute

Posted On Friday, November 27th, 2015
Filed Under: Fab, Fit and Frugal

I’m a recovering soda addict. There, I said it! I know it sounds funny, but I really did have an addiction to soda. A few years ago I could easily finish off a six-pack or two liter in a single day. But now, I rarely touch the stuff. Instead of quitting cold turkey, I made a switch that’s much healthier: seltzer water!
I used to think of seltzer as the flavorless old people drink my aunt used to consume, but it’s helped curb my soda crazings. And one brand I gravitate toward is Vintage Seltzer.
Keep reading to see why it’s an awesome soda substitute, the refreshing mixed drink I make with seltzer water {great for any upcoming holiday parties} and even a discount you can use!