Thrifty Threads: The Perfect Date Night Dress {& It’s Less than $25}

Posted On Thursday, July 16th, 2015
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A dress will always and forever be the one piece wonder. There’s no need to match a top and bottom, just throw it on and go!

And I’m really loving this Ark & Co skirt. It’s perfect for many occasions, but especially date night.

Thrifty Threads: Mixing Neutrals and Metallics {$30 Outfit!}

Posted On Thursday, July 9th, 2015
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I love color, that’s pretty evident by my typically bright outfits. But sometimes I like to tone it down. However, neutral doesn’t have to equal boring.

In this week’s Thrifty Threads, I’m rocking head to toe thrift. Literally, from my earrings to my shoes, everything is thrifted {well, minus my rings that were $1 each}.

What to Wear While Thrift Shopping

Posted On Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012
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I know I promised part two of my San Francisco thrift shopping tour {check out part one here} but I had a reader ask me what I wear while thrifting and I tweeted her the photo above. I’ve briefly mentioned some tips on what to wear {especially if you’re hitting up a hectic warehouse sale}, but this is my first time devoting an entire post to the best pieces to wear that will help you have an easy thrift shopping excursion.

The pic above is what I wore while shopping in San Francisco. Fitted jeans allow for comfort and make it easy to try a dress or slacks on over them. And I had a button down shirt with a tank underneath which let me quickly and easily remove them so I could try tops and cardigans on in the middle of the aisles. And of course flats are a must. Thrifting takes time and can be competitive, so there’s nothing cute about teetering around in four inch heels.

But as the weather warms up, I switch my thrift look up a bit.

Why I Prefer Forever 21 Jeans Over Designer Denim

Posted On Monday, May 7th, 2012
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I’m a little more than half way through my Thrifty Threads 365 challenge and people always ask if I miss shopping for brand new clothes. And I usually say no. Thrift stores have provided me with every item, whether it’s trendy or classic, that I need. But there are some things I’ve been missing: Forever 21 jeans. I can walk past Macy’s, H&M or any boutique with no problem, but Forever 21 tempts me every time. Let me explain…

As much as I love a flirty dress, I adore skinny jeans, especially black ones. They’re a simple canvas you can dress up or down in minutes. And since I love jeans so much, I’ve worn them in a ton of brands, from Seven to Citizens of Humanity to Joe’s and more. But I find they all share the same characteristic: the dreaded crotch rip. You know what I’m talking about. It’s when your jeans start to rip and get frayed from the friction of your thighs.

Thrifty Threads 365 – Seven Month Update

Posted On Tuesday, May 1st, 2012
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Thrifty Threads 365, looking fly on a dime

Another month down and another month of my Thrifty Threads 365 challenge. If you’re new to the site and don’t know about TT365 {read up about it here}, it’s a year long quest where I can only purchase thrifted clothes and accessories. The only new items I can buy are undergarments {obviously, I’m not going to buy secondhand undies} and I may wear new gifted items. Oh, and did I mention I can only spend $50 a month? Yeah, only 50 bucks.

I’ve consistently stayed under my budget, except for one month, and for April I continued to stay on track. I only spent $40 for the entire month. I’ve actually been so busy over the past few months that I haven’t had time to shop, which is a great thing for my wallet, but it sucks for my closet.

Though I prefer dresses and heels, this past month I didn’t find any frocks or pumps. But I did score some cute tops, shorts and a purse. Check out a few of my top thrifted picks for the month of April, including an item that only costs $4, but the original price tag says it was worth $120.