Fab, Fit & Frugal: The Perfect Soda Substitute

Posted On Friday, November 27th, 2015
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I’m a recovering soda addict. There, I said it! I know it sounds funny, but I really did have an addiction to soda. A few years ago I could easily finish off a six-pack or two liter in a single day. But now, I rarely touch the stuff. Instead of quitting cold turkey, I made a switch that’s much healthier: seltzer water!
I used to think of seltzer as the flavorless old people drink my aunt used to consume, but it’s helped curb my soda crazings. And one brand I gravitate toward is Vintage Seltzer.
Keep reading to see why it’s an awesome soda substitute, the refreshing mixed drink I make with seltzer water {great for any upcoming holiday parties} and even a discount you can use!

Fab, Fit & Frugal – The Perfect Alternative to Sugary Drinks

Posted On Tuesday, October 14th, 2014
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Last month I shared I would be resurrecting a few reader favorites and Fab, Fit and Frugal is officially back. Of course “looking fly on a dime” involves fashion, but being fly is an overall lifestyle, so it’s only natural for fitness to be included in that. Oh, and I also gained a few pounds this summer and can’t zip up a few of my dresses. Eek! So now I’m really all about being healthy on a budget.

One of my former bad habits I occasionally fall back into involves soda and juice. I have a major sweet tooth, so these drinks make me happy! However, the additives are pretty horrible and not to mention what the sugar does to your body and skin.

So that’s why I was delighted to learn about Hint Water. It’s the perfect fix when you want something other than boring water, but need to ditch the soda and juice.

JCPenney New Year, New You – Affordable Activewear

Posted On Monday, January 20th, 2014
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affordable activewear, JCPenney activewear Though I enjoy a good workout and love an early morning run, I tend to fall off at times when it comes to consistently working out. But I absolutely jumped at the chance when I was invited to the New Year, New You event by JCPenney. Dancing with the Stars champ Karina Smirnoff would be on hand leading a dance class, so I knew I had to attend.
But besides the opportunity to be whipped in to shape by a DWTS pro, I loved the JCPenney Xersion and CityStreets activewear lines. They’re chic {you won’t be embarrassed to be seen in these gym clothes!} and super affordable.
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