Here’s What You’re Not Doing in a Fitting Room {that You Should!} to Ensure Proper Fit

Posted On Thursday, June 2nd, 2016
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Fitting Room Tips: Here's What You Should Be Doing to Ensure the Best Fit Fitting rooms are a necessary evil. The act of trying on clothes can feel so tedious, but I hate to break it to you, it’s absolutely necessary. No seriously, you need to try your clothes on before purchasing {unless you’re shopping online, of course}.

But more importantly, there are certain things you should do while in the fitting room to ensure you’re purchasing the best fit. These tips will not only help you get a better fit, but also cut down having to make returns.

What’s in Store: Strawberry Cheap Chic Style {When to Pay, When to Pass}

Posted On Monday, February 9th, 2015
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Last week I had a few minutes of down time so I did something I haven’t done in about a year and a half. I went to Strawberry. If you don’t know what Strawberry is or totally forgot they existed, Strawberry is an affordable retailer in the northeast that’s comparable to Forever 21 and Wet Seal. The pieces are trendy and wallet friendly. And I used to always {and I do mean always!} shop there when I first moved to NYC.

Fast forward a few years and the pieces are still trendy and the prices are affordable for the most part. Check out what I found, including the most adorable, ladylike skirt and how to know when to walk away from a cheap chic find.