Thrifty Threads: How to Wear Shorts Throughout Fall and Winter

Posted On Thursday, November 10th, 2016
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Sigh. This is an interesting time in the country, but one thing that’s making me happy right now is fashion! When I’m feeling less than my best, I throw on my favorite piece of clothing or brightest garment and just keep my head high.
While shorts are typically associated with summer, who says you can’t wear them in fall and winter? That’s exactly what I did with this pair of bold shorts from Indigo Style Vintage.

The One Piece to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall {Find it At Your Local Thrift Shop!}

Posted On Thursday, August 11th, 2016
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The One Piece to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall {Find it At Your Local Thrift Shop!} Late summer/early fall can be a tricky time to get dressed. It’s still hot, but maybe there’s a breeze or maybe you want to start slowly transitioning to wearing more clothes without feeling too constricted.

That’s where the duster comes in. And you can find one at any thrift shop!

Transitional Style: What to Wear for 50 Degree Mornings and 80 Degree Afternoons

Posted On Wednesday, September 16th, 2015
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With 55 degree temps in the morning and 80 degrees by 2pm, it can be a bit confusing to get dressed in the A.M.. Yesterday I noticed some people in leather jackets and hoodies while I was in a t-shirt. This is to be expected when it’s still technically summer, but fall is just a week away.

Here’s how to dress for the varying degrees without having to carry around a jacket all day.

Affordable, Figure Flattering Sweater Dresses for Fall

Posted On Wednesday, October 30th, 2013
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sweater dress for fall

The colder months can make it tempting to ditch your dresses and whip out a pair of thick trousers. Nothing against pants, but you certainly don’t need to kick your dress to the curb, especially if we’re talking about the sweater dress.

It’s an easy one piece that provides fashion {so chic!} and function {so warm!}.

Two Ways to Overhaul Your Closet for the New Season

Posted On Wednesday, September 4th, 2013
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closet revamp, looking fly on a dime Six denim shirts. 12 blazers. 20 pairs of jeans. These were some of the clothes I pulled out of my closet last weekend. Needless to say, I don’t need six denim shirts, 12 blazers or 20 pairs of jeans. I realized I was suffering from a pretty common dilemma: an overstuffed closet where I buy the same items multiple times because I didn’t realize I already owned them.
With fall unofficially here and officially arriving in a few weeks, I took two hours this weekend to get my closet together. And luckily, there were only two major steps involved. Not only will this revamped closet make it easier to get dressed, it also benefits the wallet. When your closet is clutter free, you know what you have, which means you won’t spend money buying duplicates.