Dime Find of the Week: DisClothesure Statement Sunglasses

Posted On Wednesday, August 26th, 2015
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: Disclothesure statement making sunglasses

Why: Summer is coming to an end, but you still need to protect your eyes from harmful rays! Oh, and you want to look cute while doing it.

Dime Find of the Week: Quirky, Statement Gear from Shop Jeen

Posted On Monday, March 30th, 2015
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: Shop Jeen, your online destination for quirky, funky, in-your-face clothes, accessories and lifestyle pieces.

Why: I love discovering new {or at least new to me} retailers so I can share them with you guys. The moment I stumbled upon the Shop Jeen site, I wanted to buy every piece or was just tickled by everything I saw.

If you love a statement t-shirt, trendy gear or clothes you can post on Instagram and have everyone asking, “where did you get that???,” you’ll want to check this out.

Dime Find of the Week: Tipsy Elves Christmas Sweaters

Posted On Monday, December 8th, 2014
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dime-find-of-the-week-tipsy-elves-ugly-christmas-sweater What: Tipsy Elves Christmas sweaters
Why: Ugly Christmas sweaters have officially been a “thing” for a few years now. It’s now chic to rock a hilarious or hilariously ugly holiday sweater. Tipsy Elves {you may have seen them on one of my fave shows, Shark Tank!} has pretty much mastered the art of chic Christmas sweaters.

Dime Find of the Week: Nubian Skin Nude Lingerie for Women of Color

Posted On Monday, October 6th, 2014
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What: Nubian Skin, nude lingerie for women of color

Why: All “nudes” aren’t created equally. It’s super frustrating when a shade that’s been deemed nude is far from compatible with my brown skin. From needing a bra that I can wear under a white blouse or hosiery that mimics my actual skin tone, black and brown women have struggled to find such products. That’s where Nubian Skin comes in. The UK-based company provides nude-tone lingerie for brown skin ladies. Can we all collectively say, AMEN! I first heard about Nubian Skin about a month ago and now you can finally buy the undergarments online.

Dime Find of the Week: Gifted Apparel Statement Tees

Posted On Monday, August 19th, 2013
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What: Gifted Apparel tank tops and t-shirts
Why: Everyone needs items like tanks and tees, but it’s easy to up the style factor of such staples with the right hues and prints. And that’s exactly what Gifted Apparel provides. From canary yellows and fire engine reds and cheeky statements, the shirts play well with practically anything in your closet.
Oh, and the brand just received a major stamp of approval when Beyonce wore their $25 “Name Brand” crop top.