I Love Red?! Plus What Else I Learned After a 31-Day Style Challenge

Posted On Monday, February 12th, 2018
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It’s February and besides being the second month of the year {and Black Panther comes out in a few days!!!!}, it means we survived the very first Try It, Wear It, Love It challenge. The 31-day style adventure had one intention: to open your eyes to your personal sense of style. You might be thinking, why would I need an eye opener about my style. It’s mine, I know all about it. But you might be surprised by the amount of people who can’t define their personal style {like, what words would you use to describe how you dress?} and others just feel intimidated by the mere thought of stepping in to their closet.


How Taking a Shopping Hiatus Can Lead to a Better Wardrobe

Posted On Thursday, March 3rd, 2016
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Here's how taking a shopping hiatus can help you define your style and benefit your wardrobe

A few days ago I received an Instagram comment and someone asked when’s my next thrift shopping haul. Well, the thing is, I’ve kinda stopped shopping, so I don’t know when my next haul video will be.

This shopping hiatus hasn’t been intentional {it’s a combo of cleaning out my closet and moving to a new place with limited space}, but it’s been surprisingly beneficial.

Here’s why taking a shopping break can be a great thing, not just for your wallet, but your style as well.