Here’s When You Should Book Flights in 2017

Posted On Tuesday, December 27th, 2016
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  travel-on-a-dime-looking-fly-on-a-dime-negril-jamaica-1024x1024 Remember how I saved more than $400 on a flight to the Bahamas by changing my departure date by one day? Well, that trip ended up being cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew, but I just rebooked my flight and I saved even more.
And that’s all because I’m traveling after the holiday, which equals tons of savings.

Travel on a Dime: How to Easily Save Up for Your Next Vacation

Posted On Wednesday, November 18th, 2015
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Why does seeing the world have to be so expensive? It doesn’t!
Earlier this year I made a point to work smarter, not harder and finally start traveling again. And that’s exactly what I did. From Belize to Jamaica and up next, Kenya, I stuck to my promise. Do I have a ton of money? Absolutely not! But I use a few methods to save up for traveling so when I return home, I’m not broke. It’s all about saving a trip at a time and being strategic about booking flights.

Budget Airlines: The Good, the Bad and How to Make Your Flight Bearable

Posted On Monday, October 19th, 2015
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Two weeks ago I had an interesting flight experience. I flew on a budget airline. You guys know I’m all about doing everything on a dime, but I refuse to sacrifice fun, style or comfort. Well, this was one of those experiences where “you get what you pay for.”

If you’ve ever been curious about a budget airline like Spirit or Frontier, keep reading to see the pros, cons and how to fly as comfortably as possible if you do go this route.

7 Ways for Women to Save, Have Fun and Be Safe When Traveling Alone

Posted On Monday, September 21st, 2015
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If I had a dollar for every time I heard a woman say, “I’d go but I don’t want to travel alone” or “don’t you get bored when you travel by yourself?!,” I would be able to afford a round trip ticket to London. First class.
As an only child, I’m used to, and even like, doing things alone but I understand everyone isn’t that way. And traveling with yourself as a woman can be a bit scary for some. However, taking a trip around the world or even a short weekend jaunt can be rewarding and full of memories, even if you’re rolling solo.
Check out some tips for solo women travelers. These are ways to stay safe, have fun, and of course, on a budget.

5 Ways to Jet Set Internationally {on a Dime}

Posted On Wednesday, May 13th, 2015
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A few weeks ago I traveled to Belize and had an amazing time. I didn’t really have any plans to visit the Central American country until a wallet friendly flight came across my Twitter timeline.

Not only do I dress on a budget but I travel on one as well. And I even came in under budget with this trip! Here’s how you can, too, even if your funds are limited.