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Posted On Wednesday, June 15th, 2011
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Ah, shoes. What girl doesn’t love them? Can you guess how much the average woman spends on a pair of shoes?
A. $99
B. $75
C. $49
D. $35

If you guessed C, then you’re right! The average woman spends $49 on shoes.

For some reason I thought most women would be in the $100 range when it comes to footwear. But apparently everyone wants to be fly on a dime. The “average” woman isn’t dropping stacks on Louboutins, Choos or Stuart Weitzman.

I know a lot of frugal fashionistas who’ll save on clothing but will spend a ton on footwear. The thing with “cheap” shoes is everyone assumes they’re poorly made. True, a pair of Forever 21 or Target stilettos are unlikely to hold up as well as a pair of red bottoms but mid range shoes are a great option.

You can easily find super affordable (i.e. less than $50), quality shoes at retailers like DSW, Aldo, Nine West and Macy’s. Personally, I’ve had a lot of success at DSW. And online retailers like and are equally great.

In honor of the women who on average spend $49 on shoes, check out the
options below. They’re statement making shoes and all $49 and under.

How much do you spend on heels? What are your favorite affordable shoe companies?

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3 thoughts on “Statement Shoes under $50

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