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Posted On Monday, June 27th, 2011
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Last week before stopping by Not Just Vintage, I hit up Goodwill on Fulton Street in Brooklyn {1102 Fulton}. Though I’m an avid thrifter, I was ashamed to say I’d never been to Goodwill in BK, so I had to change that asap.

I was amazed at how spacious the store was and I was even more amazed at how empty it was. And of course it was super organized.

Though the prices were pretty comparable to other Goodwill’s in New York {$8 for dresses, $5 for tops, etc}, I did notice a few pieces that were a bit high, close to $20 for some dresses and shoes.

I normally shop and snap picks after I get my goods home but I loved so many pieces that I had to take some pics in the dressing room {and the lighting was fairly good}.

I fell head over heels for this dress. The ruched bodice, ruffles and one shoulder are to die for. Unfortunately…I couldn’t zip it up in the back. Womp womp! Hopefully she finds a good home and at $13, I’m sure she will.

This is another beauty I drooled over. The bright color and off the shoulder detail is just my style. For some unknown reason, I didn’t get it. Trust me, I’m kicking myself.

This $20 Norma Kamali dress caught my eye but I wasn’t wowed so I left it on the rack.

This was one number I didn’t pass by. The fit was right and the sheer short sleeves and ruffles had me at hello.

I’m currently obsessed with long skirts so I snagged this printed wrap skirt. I can’t wait to wear it with a simple tank and statement necklace or big earrings.

How awesome are these studded Steve Madden peep toes? They fit perfectly but upon close inspection I noticed a few scuffs so I put them back.

I walked away with the gray dress and long skirt. Wanna guess how much they costs? Only $3! I racked up more than 100 points on my Goodwill Customer Rewards Card so I was able to get $10 off my purchase. Check with your local Goodwill to sign up for your card and earn while you shop.

Thrift Tip:

It can be tempting to purchase an item because it’s cheap or cheaper than you’d normally pay in stores, but…if the quality is seriously compromised, leave it alone. I was thisclose to buying the Steve Madden booties because they were cute and only $20 but the scuffs were just unacceptable and I wouldn’t have been able to repair them. Even if a garment is super cheap, it should still be quality.

*Am I the only girl who stands on her tippy toes when trying on clothes in the dressing room?*

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10 thoughts on “Spotlight: Goodwill in Brooklyn

  1. I loved the Brooklyn Goodwill, I visited it last fall when I was home for my birthday.  I agree very well organized and the prices were great, I walked away with some great finds.  Trust me you aren’t the only that does the tippy-toe thing!

    • Thanks, I can’t wait to wear the skirt. Thrifting definitely takes patience, just keep at it and you’ll find great items. 

  2. The coral dress compliments your complexion lovely! And the tribal skirt is really cute! Did you ever check out the Unique Thrift Store on Fulton St., Brooklyn? Its a couple of blocks away from the Goodwill. There is a Unique in NJ where I found a lot of great items! Every time I go to NY, I want to check it out, but I never have the time. 

    • Thanks! No, I haven’t checked out Unique Thrift (I don’t even think I’ve heard of it), but I’ll definitely put it on my thrift list now 🙂

  3. No, you’re not the only tippy toe-er. Sometimes I bring a pair of heels with me to help access the final look of certain pieces. I just read about you on “Fashion Bombshell”. I love your look! I have just started experimenting with bold colors and pairing them with things where the look is not so “matchy matchy”. You do it well!

  4. Very cute finds, I went through a long skirt phase where that’s all I liked to throw flowy and comfy! 🙂 I stand on my tippy toes too..makes me legs look nice without keeping on my heels!

  5. Today n tomorrow is 2 dollar day at goodwill and I found 4 pieces that Im in love with….wish I could have found more…I buy mostly tops, sequin tops and dresses
    Thanks for the great info

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