When to Splurge Or Save On Your Wardrobe {3 Questions to Ask Yourself}

Posted On Monday, August 8th, 2016
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When to Splurge Or Save On Your Wardrobe {3 Questions to Ask Yourself}

Is this worth investing in?” That’s a question every woman has to ask herself once she reaches a certain age, stage in her career or even once she reaches a certain income.

Some clothes are well worth the price and others are more trendy or seasonal and can be saved on.

I’m sure we’ve all heard about the “classics” that are worth investing in {trench coat, black and/or nude patent pumps, etc.} but the questions below will really help you break down if a garment or accessory is a splurge or save.

Will You Wear It Often?
If your style is more casual and you rarely get dressed up, should you drop hundreds on a glitzy cocktail dress? The answer is no! For those one time wears, save your cash. This includes black tie events, weddings, galas and more. Instead, you can find more affordable but equally fly options at thrift shops, ASOS, H&M, Macy’s or even Rent the Runway. On the flip side, if you live in an area that sees heavy rain, you should certainly invest in a pair of comfortable, yet functional boots {i.e. Hunter or duck boots}. You know without a doubt you’ll wear them and even need them, so they’re worth the cash and will have a great cost per wear ratio.

When to Splurge Or Save On Your Wardrobe {3 Questions to Ask Yourself}

Is It a Part of Your Personal Style?
We’ve talked a lot about defining your personal style. So now that you know what your overall aesthetic encompasses, invest in those pieces. For example: I tend to have a more casual chic vibe {dresses, skinny jeans, a cute heel, etc.}. So at this stage in my style journey, I would be silly to drop triple digits on a super edgy jacket that has tons of spikes and metal hardware. If it’s not really a part of your personal style, but you’re moreso experimenting, save your cash. You can still experiment and have fun, but only invest if it truly fits who you are at the moment.

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Can You Wear It For More than One Season?
I have a personal rule about not investing in clothes that can only be worn for just one season. Now of course this doesn’t pertain to winter coats. But items that are specific to a single season? I say they’re not worth the major investment. Always ask yourself if you can wear it in summer/fall or fall/winter or fall and spring. Some clothes can work for multiple seasons thanks to the material or even the ability to layer them. Whereas other items are limited in their wearability. If it’s a one season wonder, save your hard earned money.

Cleaning out your closet is tough, but what’s really tough is having expensive items hanging on your racks that are just money down the drain. So spend {and save!} wisely.

Splurge or Save on Your Wardrobe

How do you determine when you’re ready to invest in a specific garment? Are there any trends you’ve invested in? 

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