Six Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress

Posted On Tuesday, June 24th, 2014
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How to Style a Maxi Dress in Multiple Ways There’s nothing I love more than a maxi dress for summer. It’s ideal for a casual weekend, the office or a comfortable travel outfit when you want to jet set in style.

I have a simple black maxi I scored years ago for less than $15 and it’s always in heavy rotation throughout the spring and summer months every single year. Though I adore it, it’s getting a bit boring.
But what do you do when you love a garment but want to inject new life into it? Check out multiple ways to wear a maxi dress.
wearing a shirt over a maxi dress, style your maxi dress Everyone has a button down, so why not throw one over your maxi and tie it at the front? Go for a double knot or style the knot in a way that looks like a bow. Also, vests aren’t just for fall and winter. A sleeveless vest can be a great layering piece with your maxi. Add a statement necklace and tote bag for weekend errands.
While maxis usually graze the ground, you can loosely tie a knot at one side. This adds a draping effect to the garment and keeps it from dragging on the ground, especially helpful if you’re at the beach! And the floppy hat is the finishing touch that’s fashionable and functional. This one is foldable, so it won’t get crushed in your bag while you’re traveling. One look I really love is adding a crop top over a maxi dress. I actually wore this in a recent Thrifty Threads style post. If you want to get in on the crop top trend without exposing any skin, this is how you do it!
Finally, if you’re wondering how to dress up a maxi dress, it’s all about the top you throw over it. A crocheted top lets the maxi play peek-a-boo, while a statement belt helps to cinch the waist. Also, for chilly nights, a silky open front shirt is all you need. Again, a belt is used to pull the whole look together.
There are so many ways to style a maxi dress. Your options are only limited to your imagination. I always suggest packing at least one maxi when you travel. As you can see, it goes from day to night and day to day with little effort.

If you need a new maxi dress for the season, check out a few of these options. They’re all under $50!

Do you have a favorite maxi dress in your closet? How do you style your maxi in new, fun ways?


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