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Posted On Monday, September 6th, 2010
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In lieu of Living Fly on a Dime’s one year anniversary, I wanted to embark on a major project. Check out the brief video below on Thrifty Threads 365.

Who: Me (Patrice)

What: Thrifty Threads 365, a year long endeavor where I will not purchase any new clothing or accessories. I can only buy second-hand items from thrift stores or flea markets. The only new goods I can purchase are underwear and  I can utilize gift cards that have been given to me (via promotional items, presents, etc).

Why: I’ve always enjoyed thrifting but I really want to demonstrate that no matter what your budget is, you can have a fly wardrobe that suits your style. This is also a great way to save money.

When: September 1, 2010 (the official one year anniversary of Living Fly on a Dime) to September 1, 2011.

I know this is a lofty endeavor to take on, but I’m really excited. Thrifty Threads 365 is also open to any readers who want to join me in the challenge. Maybe you don’t want to give up shopping for a year, but maybe just a few months.

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without shopping? Any tips for my challenge? Interested in joining in on the challenge?

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25 thoughts on “Shopping Challenge – Thrifty Threads 365

  1. I think the challenge is wonderful. It’s a great way to save money too…although I have a weakness for shoes and makeup…does making ur own jewlery count as part of the challenge?

  2. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!!!!
    And WOW! What an awesome challenge! And a very good idea, you are going to save so much money girl lol! But like you said, it probably won’t be too hard for you because thrift store clothes are amazing!!! 🙂 And I agree, I think the shoes part will be the toughest part lol. But I really like the message that you are sending by doing this project and I wish you the best!

  3. wow! good luck on your challenge. i love thrifting and look forward to watching your progress. you’ll probably be able to treat yourself to a fabulous vacation from all the $ you’ll save.
    and happy 1st anniversary, too.

  4. Wow! Sending lots of “restraining” energy to you right now. OMG, I would wow. It will allow you to be super creative. Although, “thrifting” can add up though especially if you’re buying high end pieces. Looking forward to your journey. Kudos.

  5. Wow! This is quite a challenge. I can’t wait to see your picks. I personally only go shopping a few times a year, but get a crapload of clothes when I do go. I get accessories all the time though.

    Vintage stores and flea markets are the truth. Especially living in NY. There’s a lot to choose from.

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  13. A bit late in the game, but I’m joining you on this challenge. I want to see if I can last til Sept 2011! I’m normally frugal but I have been wasting too much money on “bargains” in the stores that turn out to be closet duds. Thanks for the inspiration

    • Thanks for joining me, better late than never, right? Yeah, I know what you mean about spending too much on the budget items, it can happen. Definitely keep me posted on your progress, I know you’ll be fine 🙂

  14. Great idea!! I plan on taking this challenge as well after realizing that the majority of my money gets spent on clothes..I’m looking forward to seeing what I can put together as well as developing some discipline! lol Thanks!

    • Thanks for joining me on the challenge. I know you can do it! Let me know if you need any tips or run in to challenges along the way 🙂

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