How Taking a Shopping Hiatus Can Lead to a Better Wardrobe

Posted On Thursday, March 3rd, 2016
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Here's how taking a shopping hiatus can help you define your style and benefit your wardrobe

A few days ago I received an Instagram comment and someone asked when’s my next thrift shopping haul. Well, the thing is, I’ve kinda stopped shopping, so I don’t know when my next haul video will be.

This shopping hiatus hasn’t been intentional {it’s a combo of cleaning out my closet and moving to a new place with limited space}, but it’s been surprisingly beneficial.

Here’s why taking a shopping break can be a great thing, not just for your wallet, but your style as well.

So about that whole no shopping thing…it’s not like I haven’t purchased any new or thrifted clothes in six or seven months, but it’s more like three months. Three months may not sound like a long time, but when you’re a blogger and specifically when you have a blog about affordable fashion and thrift shopping, three months can seem like forever. My last time hitting up a thrift store was in December {you can see my haul here}.

However, after doing my major closet clean out where I donated almost a third of my wardrobe, I’m hesitant to add any more clothes or accessories until I’m sure they’re the right ones.

Here's how taking a shopping hiatus can help you define your style and benefit your wardrobe

And that is why taking a shopping hiatus can be the best thing for you!

After you’ve cleaned out your closet {or even if you haven’t done that just yet}, a shopping hiatus can give you a moment to really live with your clothes and see exactly what you love, what you need more of and what you can do without.

For example: since I haven’t been shopping much and I’m still kinda living out of boxes due to my move, I’ve realized:
***I need to get rid of a ton of my purses. I’ve been carrying the same three to four bags over the past month and I’m totally happy with them. So why do I have an entire box of purses that has yet to be unpacked? They’re just taking up space and most will be donated.
***I really, really do love my fashion uniform of skinny jeans, a top and blazer. Minus the occasional dress, I’ve pretty much been wearing this non-stop and that’s a-okay with me. Remember, everyone needs a go-to fashion uniform.
***My style is leaning more casual these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love my stilettos, but when I have a day off or if I’m going to brunch, I rock my comfy booties or slip on sneakers. This helped me realize I need more casual kicks, versus six-inch heels.

Here's how taking a shopping hiatus can help you define your style and benefit your wardrobe

Taking a breaking from shopping can help you define your style. Here's how! Click To Tweet

Again, taking the time with what you have is key here. Major key! Because sometimes what we do is just go buy more without realizing if we really want it, need it or if we already have something like it in our closet! And adding more “stuff” is a quick way to overspend and lose track of defining your personal style.

Also, when you do this, you have a clear sense of purpose when you shop. And when you’re shopping with purpose, you’re more strategic. And a good shopping strategy means less time in the store and less buyer’s remorse.

Here's how taking a shopping hiatus can help you define your style and benefit your wardrobe

Now that I’ve had a few months with my pared down wardrobe, I’m crystal clear on what essentials I need and what I can do without! I’ll be back with a shopping haul before you know it, but the haul may just consist of a few items.

Have you ever taken a self-imposed shopping break? Did you learn anything new about your style once you stopped shopping?

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10 thoughts on “How Taking a Shopping Hiatus Can Lead to a Better Wardrobe

  1. Hi

    I was told to take a look at your blog after my niece going on and on about how you can get great clothes on a serious budget.

    Im impressed! So much so that Ive decided Im stopping the credit card spending and going to follow some of your ideas.



    • Hi Rebecca,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you to your niece!
      Ceasing with the credit cards is a really great step and I hope you’ll find the tips I provide to be helpful. Feel free to let me know if you want or need to see any specific content.

      Thanks again!

  2. Love your blog, I too am a thrift store shopper, I can’t see going into a mall to shop unless it’s absolutely necessary !

  3. I love your blog! I am slowly combing through each page so that I can learn the secrets of looking great without breaking the bank! One thing — given your great fashion sense, have you considered reselling your clothes instead of outright donating them? I’m in the process of doing a complete wardrobe overhaul, and I’m using Poshmark to sell items I don’t need. It’s super easy to use and it’s another great intersection of fashion and social media. Please consider it..

  4. I really liked the way you expressed the feeling of taking a break from shopping which normally doesn’t happen with women which is quite opposite in your case but it’s thinkable for those women who get upset with their clothes after buying so instead read this article which will help you a lot.

    • Thanks!

      And yes, sometimes you don’t hear the advice of taking a shopping break, but it really can be helpful!

  5. Hello Patrice,
    kudos to you for taking a shopping break to redefine your wardrobe. I’ve been thinking about taking at least a month off. You advise about only buying items that fit your personal style, lifestyle and body type is so on point, I have used those requirements plus many more to ensure that I build an amazing wardrobe instead of amassing a lot of clothes. I am interested to see the final outcome of your hiatus and how much more you get rid of.

  6. I just found your blog through Pinterest and you’re speaking my language. I went through a major full house downsizing to move to a condo (downsizing) and I got rid of so much stuff I’ve been reluctant to buy anything new. In the past year, I’ve bought a couple T shirts and two pair of pants. And I still have plenty of clothing to sort through again. After summer, I’m choosing to sort through all my summer pants and crops and most are getting donated.
    I still have too much stuff. More purging and no buying unless it’s a replacement item for something I truly need and it’s absolutely perfect…

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