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Posted On Thursday, April 28th, 2011
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What’s not to love about vintage clothing? Instead of looking like a carbon copy, you have a unique piece that people are sure to swoon over. But what some people don’t love about it is the patience required to dig in bins or leaf through racks.

So, imagine my amazement when I stumbled upon Ballyhoo Vintage. It’s an online-only vintage shop with everything you could ever want {men’s and women’s fashion, accessories, magazines, gift ideas, etc.}. The company was founded in 1988 but they’re new to me! Besides an amazing selection of pieces from the 30s to 70s, they’re affordable. Some of the more elaborate frocks are in the $100 range, but most items average $50. And each piece has an in depth description of the era it’s from and condition.

I could seriously go broke just ordering the accessories. Brooches and pendant necklaces make me happy.

1950s jewelry: souvenir necklace {$10}, brooch {$14}, pendant necklace {$22}

The hats are simply divine and add a glam feel to any wardrobe.

1960s Mod Bucket Hat {$55}, Mid Century Straw Hat {$49}

And of course the clothes are equally awesome. Whether you’re style is more ladylike or funky and fly, they have it all. *Be mindful of the vintage sizes, a size 8 in 2011 isn’t a 1930s 8.

1960s short set {$32}, 1940s party dress {$85}, 1980s tube dress {$29}

The site even has a section for gift ideas/fun items a vintage lover in your life may like, with everything from binoculars to shot glasses to playing cards.

Basically, if you’re on the hunt for a unique piece of clothing or accessories and you don’t want to strain your wallet, Ballyhoo Vintage is worth checking out.

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7 thoughts on “Shop Vintage Online

  1. Just got a 1930’s cotton service stations attendants jacked from them~its so cool! I  feel like im in “they drive by night”(1930’s Bogart movie)!

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