Shop Smart: How to Determine If It’s Really a Sale

Posted On Friday, September 20th, 2013
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The image above cracks me up and when I posted it on Instagram, you guys were equally amused and had expressed you’ve been there before.
We see the “sale” sign and our eyes automatically light up. Or maybe it’s the allure of clothes and accessories that are marked half off. I mean, I get it. If it’s on “sale,” then that means we’re getting a bargain, right? Wrong!
This is a fairly common tactic some retailers use to reel you in and make you think you’re getting serious bang for your limited buck.
But there are easy ways for us savvy shoppers to ensure we’re really getting a deal and not simply being pulled in by smoke and mirrors.
 Two things to keep in mind:
  • Ignore Those Sale Signs
    I know, I know. It’s hard. Well, you don’t have to exactly ignore the signs, but don’t let the appeal of a potential deal hypnotize you. If a dress is typically $50, maybe you’ll pass it by. But when a tag let’s you know it was originally $150 and now marked down to $50, you’re more inclined to buy the same dress. Um, either way you’re paying the same price, but the “sale” makes you justify the purchase in your mind. So take those sale signs with a grain of salt. Instead, focus on the garment {is it of great quality, does it add anything to your wardrobe, etc.}.
  • Do Your Research
    We’re all attached to our phones, so why not use them for good? A simple Google search of a product’s name can show you if you’re really KFKK getting a deal. Or even easier, download a few apps like Price Check by Amazon or Shop Savvy.
Wherever you’re shopping and whatever you’re shopping for, just be sure you’re actually getting the best deal possible.
Have you ever been lured in by a faux sale sign? What apps do you use for price comparisons? Have you purchased something only to later realize it really wasn’t a bargain?
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3 thoughts on “Shop Smart: How to Determine If It’s Really a Sale

  1. haha! I’ve so had this happen to me. When you think you’re scoring something serious, that’s when you want to drop cash. But now I know better 🙂

  2. I usually shop online and before I buy anything, I do 2 things: compare prices to see if it’s cheaper somewhere else and look for promo codes so I can get free shipping.

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