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Posted On Sunday, September 20th, 2009
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DSC02228 What normally happens when you go to a restaurant or store and the cashier hands you that piece of paper? I’m pretty sure you either (a) stuff the receipt at the bottom of your purse or pocket (b) immediately toss it or (c) hold on to it long enough to balance your checkbook and then toss it. I doubt you actually look at anything other than the amount you paid for your goods. Last weekend I actually took the time to look at my ridiculously long receipt and doing so saved me about 10 bucks.

I tried a new restaurant in Jersey and at the bottom was a “How are we doing?” survey. After I devoured my meal, I called the 888 number, took a 10 minute survey and received a coupon code for a buy one, get one free meal. Score for me! New restaurants are ALWAYS looking for your feedback and they usually offer some kind of incentive to turn you in to a repeat customer. And earlier this summer, I checked out Society Coffee in Harlem and at the bottom of my receipt I was delighted to find an offer for half off a cocktail at the owner’s other establishment. Unfortunately, I lost the receipt (dang it!).

Both times, the clerks never alerted me to check my receipt for some awesome savings.

So the lesson of the day: check your receipts kiddies!

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