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Posted On Friday, December 6th, 2013
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Where can you normally find me on a Wednesday? The Salvation Army {46th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues}! Most of the clothes and accessories are 50 percent off on Wednesday so you can seriously rack up. On my last Salvation Army haul, I spent $85 and found more than a dozen goodies. Well, this time around I spend less than 10 bucks but walked away with three fun pieces, including a pair of booties, a French Connection dress and vintage frock.
Before I get to what I purchased, while I was going through the racks, I noticed a woman spending a lot of time at one particular section of the dresses. I made my way closer to her only to find an entire rack full of silk and satin cocktail and evening gowns, about 20 of them. All new and $15. The labels had been cut out so I’m guessing a designer donated them. Nothing was my size, but they were absolutely gorgeous.
Now back to my scores. Everything in the stores was 50 percent off, with the exception of clothes with pink or purple tags. I naturally gravitate towards dresses because they’re so easy to wear. Just one piece and you’re done, no need to find a top to compliment it. And during this trip, I found two amazing dresses. The French Connection sweater minidress was just $1.99 and the vintage silk one was $9.99. Only the vintage dress was half off, but I was ok with paying the “full price” 2 bucks for a French Connection dress.
The photo does this no justice. It’s a blush, silk dress with kimono style sleeves and diagonal pleats at the waist.
Though I normally make my way to the shoe section first, this time it was last on my list. At the last minute I found a crimson red pair of lace up booties. I’ve been dying for a pair of heeled boots in a funky color and the thrift gods answered my prayers. Besides being a statement shoe, the rubber sole is great for pounding the pavement. And based on the soles, it looks like they’ve barely been worn, but I’ll change that quickly. The shoes were $5.99 and half off. Though they were the last things I scored, the booties are my favorite!
And if you’re in NYC, check out the Salvation Army Coat Sale this Saturday {12/7: 536 West 46th Street}.
The associate said the sale should start at 9 or 10am {she couldn’t give me a definite time}, but even if you show up a little later, I doubt you’ll walk away empty handed. This is the sale where I found five coats for $36 and the DSquared parka for less than $5 {check out my last post on the Salvation Army coat sale}.
From trenches to furs to leather to wool, you’ll find everything here. The crowd can be intense, as with any massive sale. So come prepared, eat a light breakfast and have a large bag {I love the oversized Ikea ones} so you can stuff your coats in them as you shop. Carts are pretty limited, so you’ll most likely end up carrying your coats around. And if you can’t make the sale this Saturday, try next month’s sale on January 4.
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5 thoughts on “Salvation Army Thrift Haul

  1. I really have no excuse as to why I’ve never been to that 46th location. You find such great stuff there. Can’t wait to see how you style that blush dress.

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    • The ones I’ve been to (NYC & other cities/states) are, but you’d have to check with you local one to be sure.

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