Salvation Army Coat Sale Haul- Take Two

Posted On Monday, January 10th, 2011
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This weekend, I had the time of my life. Ok, maybe that was a bit dramatic but I did score some major goodies at the Salvation Army coat sale. Just look at my receipt above as proof. Five items for $36.53.

I’ve posted about the sale before, where a variety of coats {furs, trenches, leathers, bombers, etc} are sold for about $20-$30. However, since this was the last sale of the season, prices were slashed even greater.

I braved the cold {stood outside for an hour, brr} and I’m so glad I did. The last item I grabbed is my absolute favorite of the bunch. I’ve been on the hunt for a fur vest for what seems like eons and I finally lucked out. There’s no label inside, but it looks and feels like the real thing. $10

Click more to see the other items I found, including a camel coat and a $2 parka which normally retails for about $500.

The first thing I picked up was a wool and acrylic vest. I had no idea they even sold vests at the sale. $4

You know how I told you guys to try to shop in pairs when thrifting? I did that this time when Annika from joined me. She picked up this pale blue, soft-like-butter cropped leather jacket and passed it off to me. The fold over collar and cute buttons are great standout details. $10

I purchased a wool camel coat on my last Salvation Army trip but this Kenneth Cole number has toggles and a hood, so I had to get it, right? $9

I was on the fence about this DSquared parka and I initially put it back. Parkas just aren’t my style, but that’s exactly why I finally decided to get it {with a little urging from Annika}. I’ll most likely rock this on a casual, super cold weekend with a pair of skinnies or leggings and boots. The cashier thought this was a child’s coat {and I didn’t correct her}, so she only charged me $2. These coats normally range from $500 to $600. Score for Patrice.

And in total randomness, the Salvation Army started handing out beauty products. While we were on line, they wheeled in a massive crate of Kate Moss perfume and small cosmetics cases. I’m not blown away by the fragrance but the case will be put to good use. You just never know what you’ll get walking in to the Salvation Army. *yes, that’s my bright red couch in the reflection of the mirror*

It was a great day of thrifting.

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25 thoughts on “Salvation Army Coat Sale Haul- Take Two

  1. I was there also on Saturday I got 5 items for $29, two were furs, a wool coat with fur and 2 children coats. I can’t wait for the next one. Nice fur vest.

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    • You should definitely look in to it. I’m sure all major cities have warehouse sales like this, especially around this time of year when they’re trying to get rid of their inventory.

    • Ooooh, nice vest! Yeah, some people don’t have the patience for digging but it really does pay off. It’s like the gold at the end of a rainbow 😉

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  6. I’m going to one next week! I’m really short and skinny, usually a sz 00 or even big kid’s sizes. Did you see a lot of petite sizes or small sizes?

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  10. If you are interested in selling your Dsquared Parka I’ll give you $ 500 provided it is in good condition. What size is it?

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