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Posted On Wednesday, November 25th, 2009
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110409-RR-400c Holiday season is here folks. Besides finding a gift, maybe you’re struggling to find something to wear to your office party. Though I tend to hit up a thrift store if I’m looking for something “new” and unique, there’s a new mail-order service that brings designer threads to the masses, at a fraction of the price.

Launched earlier this month, Rent the Runway features looks from Brian Reyes, Catherine Malandrino, Tracy Reese, Herve Leger and more. Starting at $50, you can rent a designer dress for a few days. It’s Netflix for clothing.

How it works: log on to the site, select a dress you love (but would normally never be able to afford), it’s delivered to your doorstep, send it back in a pre-paid package four or eight days later.

RTR takes care of dry cleaning and if you’re not sure what size you wear in a certain designer, they’ll even include a smaller or larger size for free. Delivery normally takes 2-3 days but same day delivery is available in NYC.

I’m pretty cheap (you know this already!) but I could see renting a frock for a wedding or upscale affair!

The service is currently by invite-only, but of course I’ve got you covered. Send me your email address (LivingFlyonaDime [at] gmail dot com) and I’ll send you an invite!

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