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Posted On Wednesday, December 18th, 2013
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Like most people, I love free stuff and I rarely say no to anything that’s free-99. It’s not that I’m greedy {not really!}, I just love trying new products and possibly being turned on to something I might love.

So I was excited to hear about the launch of PinchMe. The site is straight forward: sign up by filling out a short profile, receive products for free and complete a short survey about the product after you’ve tried it.
The Australian company made its U.S. debut last month and it’s for the consumer like me who loves to check out something new. I tried it and there are some pros and cons…
The sign up process is simple and easy. After filling out a few questions, I just waited for an email to alert me when samples are available, which is every other week.
After being alerted products were up for grabs, I immediately attempted to log in to the site, but it was down. That was my first sign that competition for the free samples is pretty stiff. I checked the site out later that night and only one of the samples offered was actually available, everything else was out of stock. I selected a small bottle of Suave body lotion, which was mailed out at the end of November.
Pros: Though everything was out of stock by the time I made it to the site, I loved the variety of products being offered. They ranged from eye cream, coffee, dog treats, diaper cream, perfume and candy. So there really is something for everyone at any stage of life. And you can sample up to four items at a time.
Cons: If you don’t move at the speed of lightening when you receive the email with subject line, “Your PINCHMe Samples Are Here,” you’ll be left empty-handed. You might also experience the site being down since it’s such a mad dash and everyone is logging on.
So I received that email again letting me know it’s Sample Tuesday and more products were in. Well, once again, I was too late. 20 minutes after the initial email, everything but two items were out of stock. And I can see why. This week they offered Shea Moisture bar soap {you know I’m obsessed with their hair and body products!}, Katy Perry perfume and Revlon by Marchesa nail files.
Remember that bottle of Suave lotion I selected last month as one of my samples? Well, I totally forget about it. But I received an email stated I needed to complete my review of the product within the next 10 days. Um, the only problem is I never received it!
If I don’t receive it by end of week, I’ll be contacting the company. When you accept a sample, you also get an email letting you know your order is being shipped and should be received within 14 days. Two weeks have definitely passed for me and still no product.
I’m still willing to give PinchMe a chance and see what happens. I’ll also try to move faster once those emails come in.
Have you ever tried PinchMe? What was your experience? Would you ever try the site? 
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