National Thrift Shop Day: How to Score the Best Deals

Posted On Monday, August 17th, 2015
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Do you know what today is?! It’s National Thrift Shop Day!!! *throws confetti*

That means you should check your local thrift store to see what extra deals and savings they have going on. And if you need additional tips on how to thrift shop, check out some of my favorite {and most commented on!} posts below. These will guarantee a successful thrift trip.

5 Items You Can Find at Any Thrift Shop and How to Update Them

Posted On Thursday, August 13th, 2015
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Thrift store inventory is always unpredictable, but you can usually bank on finding a few key items when it comes to fashion and home decor. These are the classics that most thrift shops have in stock.

And instead of just using them as is, it’s easy to create a little DIY magic. These don’t require a ton of steps or tools and will give you a unique piece that’s affordable. Oh, and Monday, August 17 is National Thrift Shop Day, so many stores will have amazing deals!

How to Prep for Your First Mud Run: What to Wear and Avoid

Posted On Wednesday, August 12th, 2015
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Last week I participated in my first mud run {I shared behind the scenes action on Snapchat. Follow @PatriceJWill} and it was definitely an interesting experience. I’ve always wanted to do a physical challenge with obstacle courses {kinda like an adult Double Dare with mud!} and I’m so glad I did. During the Dirty Girl Mud Run, we ran 3.1 miles and challenges included climbing walls, ropes, mud pits, etc.

But the week before the race I was frantically trying to figure out what I would wear. If you’ve ever wanted to do a mud run or any type of outdoor physical course that requires getting down and dirty, here are a few tips on the do’s and don’ts of what to wear.

6 Ways to Bargain at Flea Markets

Posted On Monday, August 10th, 2015
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One of the things I love most about summer is the outdoor flea markets and garage sales. These are prime locations for one-of-a-kind statement pieces for your home or wardrobe. But I also know a ton of people who are intimidated by flea markets when it comes to negotiating a price. And I even know some who don’t even bother to haggle and just pay full price.

Let me tell you: 1. you absolutely can and should haggle. 2. it’s much easier than you think. Here are a few steps to negotiate prices at a flea market.

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Thrifty Threads: The $2 Pants That Make a Statement

Posted On Thursday, August 6th, 2015
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Every now and then I find a stellar thrift store score. This is that moment! If you follow me on Snapchat {@PatriceJWill}, then you saw these high waist mustard pants a few weeks ago. They were just $2. Yes, 2 bucks!

I paired the pants with another thrift score for a look that’s less than $15.