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Posted On Thursday, March 25th, 2010
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Have you guys heard of oohilove? Well if you have, then you know how awesome it is and if you haven’t, I’m hear to tell you about it’s awesome-ness.

oohilove is a new buy to bid auction site that offers luxury brands at up to 90 percent off. They have items such as Louis Vuitton bags and wallets, Tiffany jewelry, Christian Louboutin pumps, Neiman Marcus gift cards and more. Bidding starts at $0 and are increased at 2 cents intervals.

You could easily snag a pair of Louboutins for less than $20 or a Tiffany bracelet that costs less than your daily lunch.

How the site works:
-Buy a package of bids (kinda like buying chips at a casino). Packages start at $29.99 for 30 bids
-Place a bid on a luxury item you like
-Every time you bid, the number of bids in your bank decreases. Example, if buy a 30 bids package and place 25 bids on an item, you’re left with 5 bids.
-Keep bidding and if you’re lucky, you win!

I signed up for the site and it definitely has some pros and cons. I purchased the 30 bids package and set my sights on a Louis Vuitton wallet. There were 15 seconds left before the auction closed so I placed my bid which upped the ante by 2 cents. Of course I was outbid seconds later. Then I bid again. Was outbid again and again. Every time someone sets a new bid, the timer adds 10 seconds. So unlike eBay, which has a definitive time for when an auction ends, with oohilove, the auction can keep going and going, until someone finally stops bidding.

What I love about the site: It’s so exciting! I seriously may have unleashed my inner gambling addict. And all of the items are amazing.

What I disliked about the site: I seriously grew tired of bidding. It seemed like a never ending process, since every time a new bid is placed, a few seconds are added to the auction. The Louis wallet that I started bidding on 2 hours ago is still being bid on. Also, it can be really expensive to use this site. If you walk away with a $5 pair of Louboutins, that’s great but if you’re not so lucky to win, you can easily blow all of your bids and walk away empty handed. I paid $30 for the 30 bids package. If I wasted all of my bids on the Louis wallet, I would have no bids left and no Louis wallet. $30 spent on my end and no goods to show for it.

There’s definitely a strategy to effective bidding. It only makes sense to place bids as soon as the auction is ending and seek out auctions that end at times when most people are busy (commuting to/from work, dinnertime, etc.).

Interested in joining, click here.

If you’re still unsure how oohilove works, check out the three minute tutorial video below.

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3 thoughts on “oohilove – Luxury Online Auction Site

  1. A friend of a friend is going to do an auction site with a 100% authentic guarantee … they’re on twitter.com/luxenotlust … I hope it launches soon!! I need some LOUBS.

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