New Sites Make Thrift Shopping Online Easy

Posted On Wednesday, November 14th, 2012
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I previously wrote about ways you can thrift shop online and recently, some new sites have popped up that make thrifting from the comfort of your home as easy as can be.

For new thrifters, they associate secondhand shopping with digging through piles of clothes for endless hours and walking away empty handed. Well, sometimes that’s the case, but if you’re low on patience and time, thrift shopping online is a great option.
A national chain like Goodwill has an online shop, but there are two fairly new sites I really love, due to their affordability and focus on philanthropy.
Of course I have to mention ClosetDash Shop{where I’m hosting my Swap Your Closet event in a few days}. It’s the first and only store in NYC where you can swap clothes, but they also have an online site you can shop 24/7. Shipping is a flat $5 fee and many pieces retail for less than $30. They recently had an evening gown on sale for just 25 bucks. The prices can’t be beat and the selection varies from casual wear to super swanky.
When you donate your clothes to a secondhand shop, you usually can’t determine which charity will receive the money earned from the sale. But WebThriftStore changes that. While shopping, you see firsthand which charity your money will benefit, such as the ASPCA, National Geographic or local and national organizations that aide those in need. And you can shop for everything from clothes and accessories to electronics and even automobiles.
As with any online purchase you want to check the store’s return policy before making a purchase.
If you have a favorite place to thrift online, weigh in below. Do you prefer thrift shopping from the comfort of your home or do you stick to the actual stores?
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One thought on “New Sites Make Thrift Shopping Online Easy

  1. Going to the thrift store is where the fun is at. When you find amazing finds, you feel super happy. Whereas buing online is similar to buying from china since they’re both cheap. But good idea knowing where the donated clothes and money is directly going to.

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