My Today Show Segment: How to Wear Prints At Any Age

Posted On Thursday, October 11th, 2012
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Today Show fashion segment

Last week I told you guys about my upcoming Today Show appearance. Well, it aired live on Tuesday morning and hopefully you had a chance to watch it. But if not, you can check out the clip below. I also wanted to show you some behind the scenes photos.
The segment was about how women of all ages {they ranged from 30 to 61} and sizes {4 to 12} can rock trends. And since I’m all about a deal, everything was less $100.
Though I love printed garments, some people are a bit curious as to how to actually wear them. Check out the clip below to see various ways you can incorporate the trend in a way that works for you, from tips to mix prints to how to use accessories to jazz up your everyday wardrobe.

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And of course I had to give you some behind the scene shots.
The ladies wore fun, affordable pieces from C. Wonder, H&M, The Limited, Macy’s and Mandee.
I arrived at the studio at 6:45am ready to get the models dressed and my face beat. Kathie Lee’s dressing room was behind me and I was secretly hoping for a sighting, but no luck.
Do you guys remember when I Instagrammed the photo collage above asking which one you liked best? Well, I was at Macy’s trying to figure out what to wear during the segment. The store was gracious enough to loan me a head to toe outfit but I couldn’t choose which one I liked best. The floral dress was the one most people liked, while the gold skirt and houndstooth dress came in second and third, respectively. I really loved all three, but what I ended up picking was…
The black peplum top {American Rag, $24} and black and gold bandeau skirt by Material Girl made the final cut. My style typically leans toward the cutesy houndstooth dress, but I wanted to try something totally different. The shoes were Jessica Simpson and I added my own accessories, including a thrifted belt {you know I had to throw at least one secondhand item in there}!
After waiting in the greenroom for what seemed like forever {but it really wasn’t, I was just nervous}, I made my way to the set, which is way smaller than you’d imagine. The models looked great, my nerves subsided and the segment was over before I knew it.
I can’t wait to go back to the Today Show and continue to spread the Looking Fly on a Dime motto: your style is never determined by your wallet.
Which of the models’ looks did you guys like the most? How do you wear prints? 
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11 thoughts on “My Today Show Segment: How to Wear Prints At Any Age

  1. Excellent job on the ladies. My mom is 64 and I make sure she stays somewhat on trend as she is a great dresser anyway. Just because your older doesn’t mean you have to look old. I always tell her not moo moo dresses or orthopedic looking shoes allowed, lol.. She loves me for it and at 64 she is a hot mama. 🙂 Btw, love your outfit and the pop of color with shoes was an excellent choice.

  2. I love your outfit. I have fell in love with animal print. I have about 5 animal print clothing in my closet. That lady inh 60’s was really rocking that outfit. A lot of women up in age just looses there style but what for. Keep it cute!!!!

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