Macy’s Marilyn Monroe Collection

Posted On Thursday, March 7th, 2013
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Marilyn Monroe, summer sundress Another week, another new collection from one of our favorite retail chains. The latest one comes from Macy’s. The retailer is debuting a line inspired by a cinematic icon.

Starting this month, and 150 Macy’s stores will carry the Marilyn Monroe line. Priced at $29-$89, it aims to recreate the “icon’s noteworthy personality this spring,” according to a press release. It features lightweight summer dresses, cropped tops and shorts perfect for a breezy spring or hot summer day.

sun dress, sundress marily monroe Marilyn Monroe Macy's collection

The garments are cute, but I wouldn’t be able to readily identify them as Marilyn-esque. When I Instagrammed photos from the collection {specifically the gingham dress and shorts below}, a few of you commented that it looks more Norma Jeane or even Elly Mae Clampett than the blonde bombshell we love so much. It turns out the line is targeted towards girls in their teens to late twenties, which I’m assuming accounts for the youthful look and feel.

Marilyn Monroe for Macy's, cut off shorts marilyn monroe t-shirt The garments are in line with some of Marilyn’s more casual pieces and great for spring and summer. But these aren’t exactly in tune with the star’s “flirty, ulta-feminine” appeal the press release mentioned. When I first heard about this line I was excited, but unfortunately nothing about it really stands out, at least not enough to carry the Marilyn name.

Are you guys feeling the collection? Would you expect something more glamorous or do you appreciate the casual Marilyn?

Macy's collection, marilyn monroe

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7 thoughts on “Macy’s Marilyn Monroe Collection

  1. the top two dresses don’t have enough to them, they are too plain. Could get a plain white dress any where. Skirt should be fuller, longer to really be Marilyn. A good idea that didn’t go far enough in my opinion.

  2. ill say this ive been looking for that white swimsuit she has in that picture, disappointed if thats not a part of hte line

  3. I would buy that red vest on sale. The pink polka dot pants and red gingham dress are cute, but a bit young for me. From the pictures, the garments look a bit cheap. This collection does not excite me, but I’m not really in the targeted age-group demographic.

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