Kate Mara in H&M The Garden Collection

Posted On Friday, April 2nd, 2010
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Earlier this year H&M gave us a sneak peek at their eco-friendly Garden Collection. It finally hit stores last week and consists of organic cotton, organic linen and recycled polyester.

Actress Kate Mara was recently spotted wearing the $39 red rosette dress from the line.

This has to be my favorite dress from the Garden Collection. And her look can easily be recreated with nude peep toe heels and a basic black clutch. Perfect for a festive party look.

Asos Princess Peep Toe Shoe, $42.74.
Aldo Steiniger Clutch, $35.

Has anyone checked out H&M’s Garden Collection in stores or better yet, have you purchased anything?

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3 thoughts on “Kate Mara in H&M The Garden Collection

  1. A celeb wearing a $39 dress??? Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Finally a celeb who doesn’t buy into the glitz and glam to prove a point or fill some type of void. The dress is cute too. (My favorite color) I wish she didn’t look so sad in the picture though.

  2. H&M always has the cutest but reasonably priced clothes, but whats a girl to do when there’s no stores nearby????

  3. I bought the $19.95 floral dress with the kimono sleeves. Gotta be careful where I wear it since it was such a steal and a lot of folks probably got it too.

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