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Posted On Monday, March 1st, 2010
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Holidays are a great time to shop so when Valentine’s Day and President’s Day were back to back, I indulged in some online shopping. When I woke in the morning I had no idea I’d be dropping $100, but I spent wisely and they were all items I needed wanted. Prior to this, I had never shopped at any of these stores, so here’s a rundown of the items I purchased, how much I saved and the quality of the pieces.

Cross body bags are big for spring so I checked out Urban Outfitters. I tend to think their stuff is a bit overpriced but I was hoping to snag something within my budget (I think I’ve only spend more than $40 on a bag once, and that was for my beloved DSW baby!). Luckily, Urban was having a Stock Up sale and a bag that originally sold for more than $60 was just $29.99.

Verdict: I’m in love with the bag, as well as the wallet ($6.99). They arrived in two days and the bag is so multi-functional. I can use it as a cross body or detach the strap and put it on my shoulder. And it’s so big, I can practically fit my entire life in it. It’s also a great carry-on for traveling. And the wallet is adorable and colorful. It’s such a standout piece that I can even use it as a clutch for a night out. As of now, both items are sold out.

I can’t remember the last time I bought a new pair of shoes and I really needed a pair of flat boots. Charlotte Russe‘s footwear sale was perfect: buy one pair, get a pair for $10. Score!

Verdict: I’ve already worn the flat boots ($30) at least three times (thanks Snowpacalypse!). They’re comfortable and functional. I love the slightly rugged, slouchy feel. Right now I’m pairing them with jeans and tights but I definitely plan to wear these in the spring with a cute dress. The heels ($10)? I’m a sucker for a high heel (4.5 inches to be exact) with a rounded toe. Unfortunately…they’re too small. They weren’t available in half sizes so instead of getting a 9 (gasp!), I went for an 8. They sorta fit, but walking would be impossible. I’m exchanging them this week (fingers crossed they actually have my size!).

A great denim or leather jacket is essential for spring. I have a denim one so it was time to get a leather. Though I have a thrifted Old Navy leather, I wanted something different. Remember when I suggested this jacket as a part of Rachel Zoe’s wardrobe essentials? Well, Arden B. slashed the price from $68 to $40 to $20.

Verdict: I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with this jacket. I must have made the worse stink face when I pulled it out of the box. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I just hate it. Maybe it’s the crinkled material or the color. The shade is described as champagne, but I’ve never seen champagne this color. I’ve dubbed this the “tin man.” It just looks cheap and I expected more from Arden B. This sucker is being packed up. I don’t want an exchange, I just want my money back!

Do you guys indulge in online shopping during the holiday? How has your experience been with Urban Outfitters, Charlotte Russe or Arden B.?

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