Thrifty Threads: The Chic $3 Jeans I Almost Didn’t Buy

Posted On Thursday, December 3rd, 2015
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It’s no secret I’m an all-skinny-jeans-everything type of girl. But every now and then we should step out of our comfort zone and try something new. That’s been happening a lot lately when it comes to denim. Last month it was a pair of bootcut jeans that fit me like a glove and now I’m absolutely obsessed with these high waisted, relaxed jeans I scored from the Salvation Army for $3.

See the full story below and why I almost passed on the jeans!

If you follow my Snapchat adventures {@PatriceJWill}, these jeans should look really familiar. I bought them a few weeks ago from the 46th Street Salv Army and I was on the fence. I knew I wanted and needed some jeans {remember, you’ve gotta have a thrift wish list!}, so I was happy when I found a pair of black skinny jeans but I also wanted to try a different style.


The great thing about thrift shopping is you can experiment and have fun without investing a ton! The boyfriend jeans were half off so they were either $2.50 or $3. I kinda had an idea of how I would style them and decided to take a chance. Again, I prefer skinny jeans, but again, why not take a chance?

I’m so glad I did!

The great thing about thrifting: take a chance on a new trend without splurging! Click To Tweet

One way to get a bit of control over relaxed, long jeans is to simply cuff the hem. And the cuff doesn’t have to be super neat. Also, the high waist meant it was perfect to pair with a crop top, so I rocked this long sleeve black crop I scored from Rainbow at the beginning of the year. And my vintage striped blazer was the perfect finishing touch. I know some people are a bit iffy about mixing black {the crop top} and blue {blazer}, but it’s a style combo that can work really well!


But the real star of the show is these ombre glitter heels from ShoeDazzle. They add a glam feel to what might otherwise be a pretty boring look. When I was shooting photos for this look, a few women stopped and complimented these beauties! And I kept the gold theme going with a Lydell NYC Euclid bracelet, which I sandwiched in between chunky thrifted bangles.



Again, I’m so happy I took a chance with these jeans. Even though I write about fashion for a living, even I have moments where certain looks make me pause or I start doubting if I can/should wear something.

If you see a new look and tell yourself, “I could never pull that off!“, think again! Fashion should be fun, so why not give it a try?

What’s your most recent thrift store purchase? Have you experimented with any new-to-you trends?

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10 thoughts on “Thrifty Threads: The Chic $3 Jeans I Almost Didn’t Buy

    • Thanks Zoe! It took me forever to find these perfect jeans, but it was so worth the wait!

      And let me know if you’re down for some holiday thrift shopping 🙂

  1. First , I want to say how awesome I think you are! You look beautiful and chic in whatever you wear and I have nothing but respect for you proving how AMAZING a person can look without spending an entire paycheck (no matter the size of the paycheck) on clothes!

    Second I have been truly inspired by your thrift365 projects of the past and am currently forcing myself to follow that sometimes difficult path. Currently working at a Macy’s that is next door to a Target the temptation of fast fashion is sometimes reeeeeaaaallly strong but I’ve been having such fun regaining my self control and patience while also not paying tribute to the incredibly unfair and practices of the garment manufacturing industry’! So thanks for the inspiration there!

    Lastly I recently found some khaki colored high waisted boot leg jeans that I was also squeemish about purchasing due to my dedication to the skinny but they ended up looking (to myself at least) great! And you know I had a coupon and got them for 3.99 at goodwill!

    Thanks for being fabulous, beautiful and inspiring, keep it up!

    • Wow, thanks so much for the kind words Mary!

      I love that you’re a fellow affordable shopper. If I worked near a Target, I’m not sure I could show as much restraint as you. LOL!

      And I’m so glad you took a chance on the khaki pants, they sound amazing! My style has changed so much over the past year simply because I tried something new and want to have fun with what I wear.

  2. I love your blog and you really inspired me with this look. I have a similar pair of “mom jeans” from the thrift store but wasn’t sure on how to style it until today I ran across your blog. Thank you and continue to inspire others.

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