How to Thrift Shop for Accessories {Plus a Haul Video}

Posted On Thursday, July 7th, 2016
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How to Thrift Shop for Accessories {Plus a Haul Video}
It’s been forever since I did a YouTube video. But I’m back!!  No seriously, I am. I even have another video edited and ready to go {it’s on summer dresses!}.

Written content is great but it’s also nice to switch things up a bit.

And that’s why I’m back with a video all about thrifting accessories: why they’re so great, how they can help you determine whether an outfit is a yay or nay and I’m showing you some of my favorite accessories I thrifted over the past month.

Many of my thrift store accessories came from Buffalo Exchange. When I sold my clothes to them a few months ago {remember this post: 7 Tips to Sell Your Clothes}, I received a store credit. The credit was way more than what they were offering in cash and I knew I needed some new things, so store credit it was. And lucky for me, I racked up!

Check them out below. Also, I’m sharing a few thrift shopping tips in the video.
Accessories truly are the best, most affordable and in my opinion, fun, way to update your style!

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How to Thrift Shop for Accessories {Plus a Haul Video} When was your last thrift shopping trip? Are you like me, you always bend or break your sunglasses? What was your favorite accessory in the video?

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