How to Start a DIY Tool Kit

Posted On Monday, January 13th, 2014
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DIY tool kit essentials

Calling all aspiring DIYers! Are you ready to amp up your home decor game while on a budget, but stuck on where to start and what materials you’ll need?

Join the club! I had zero experience or equipment when I was inspired to do my first project. I was so excited to get started only to find out as a DIY newbie that I didn’t have all the right tools for the job.  Bummer!

The good news? Most DIY projects require the same set of tools. I’ve slowly accumulated each tool and now I’m ready to go whenever I get the creative itch. And you can too!

I’ve done the first step for you by compiling a starter DIY tool kit. Get these items and you’ll be prepared whenever inspiration strikes!

Toolbag: $10, Sears

Craftsman tool bag

Having a tool bag is essential in keeping everything organized and away from children. Plus, it will keep your tools safe from damage because let’s face it, tools are expensive! Use a tool bag to maintain the value of your investment.

Multi-Bit Screwdriver: $5, Lowe’s 

multibit screwdriver, multi bit screwdriver

My favorite tool! A screwdriver with 13 interchangeable bits. Talk about killing 13 birds with one stone.

Stud Finder: $18, Lowe’s 

DIY project, studfinder

Wall Construction 101: Studs are the vertical stabilizing anchors inside your wall. If you’re hanging things on your wall {tv, towel rack or shelf}, you must find an anchor to hang them from to ensure it stays put. This stud finder is an easy way to locate the studs in your walls for fabulous wall decor.

Industrial Stapler: $11, Walmart 

industrial stapler, diy project

This stapler makes re-upholstery a cinch. Just purchase some affordable fabric and give your dining room chairs or ottoman a makeover. Plenty of room for error… nothing a staple remover can’t fix!

Tape Measure: $6, Sears

tape measure, diy kit

Can’t forget the measuring tape! My favorite use of measuring tape is aligning photos and making sure they are precisely proportional on a wall. Don’t doubt the wow factor of perfectly spaced dollar store picture frames.

Power Drill: $40, Target. Drill Bit Set: $12, Lowe’s

diy tool kit, power drill

drill bit set, diy kit

A power tool made the list, yay! This is great for putting in and removing stubborn screws from hard services {and avoiding sore hands}. The drill bits above are essential for prepping holes for easier screwing.

And that’s it!  These are a few essentials you need to start your first tool kit and get to DIYing.

Do you have any other tools that really work for you?  What’s the must have tool you can’t do without? Share below!

 About the author: Taylor Gordon is a freelance blogger living in Washington, D.C.  When she isn’t obsessively searching for deals, you can find her Instagramming photos of her cat Zeus or blogging about personal finance and budget living on her blog,  Like Trendy Cheapo on Facebook or follow her @TrendyCheapo on Twitter.

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