How to Host a Clothing Swap

Posted On Monday, March 25th, 2013
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For my last Thrifty Threads post, I wore a pair of Aldo tribal print wedges I scored from my Sip & Swap event. It was a great afternoon of exchanging our amazing clothes we no longer wanted. As soon as GangStarr Girl pulled the shoes out of her bag, I knew I had to have them. I was lucky enough to grab them first and they make a serious statement and I didn’t even have to pay a penny for them.

One question I’ve been asked is how to host a clothing swap. Though we went all out with our swap {private venue, giveaways, specialty cocktails, etc.}, you can certainly host your own party.

Following a few easy tips will guarantee a perfect clothing swap party and a quick way to update your wardrobe.

When to Host:
The time of year you have the party can make a major difference. People tend to clean their closets out before spring, around the summer moving months and holidays. You want to schedule a swap a few weeks before this happens. So instead of people donating their goods, they can bring them to your swap. I moved two months before our Sip & Swap last year, which meant a lot of my great, but unwanted clothes and accessories had already been donated to Goodwill. Try to schedule the swap when people have prime clothes and accessories in their closets.

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Who to Invite:
Everyone’s not a size 2 or 12 so keep that in mind when sending out invites. You certainly don’t want anyone to feel left out when they can’t find any clothes to compliment their figure. Include your petite, curvy, short and tall gals. And accessories {scarves, necklaces, earrings, etc.} are one size fits all, so having a variety of these ensures all of the ladies will walk away with something great.

I prefer more laid back swaps but I do understand the need for rules. I’ve witnessed people who are quick to snatch up everything and leave little for others. So maybe initiate a max amount of items people can leave with {example: bring 10 items, take 10}. If possible, it’s also great to have a changing area for your guests. A small curtained off area or divider is all you really need. And a few floor length mirrors are a must. When people can try on and visualize the pieces, they can confidently swap an item, instead of picking something up, trying it on at home and realizing it isn’t for them. You’ll inevitably have some clothes left over and a local thrift store or shelter would be glad to accept what wasn’t swapped.

So get your girlfriends together, have some drinks and swap away. It’s an easy way to update your style and revamp your wardrobe with new-to-you threads.

If you’re not in to hosting your own party, search for a clothing swap in your area.


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2 thoughts on “How to Host a Clothing Swap

  1. My friends and I love swapping. We do it around every season. Everyone brings a bag and a bottle of wine or snacks and we swap!

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