How to Create Olivia Pope Inspired Home Decor

Posted On Friday, November 1st, 2013
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I’m a huge fan of the show Scandal. And if you follow me on Twitter, then you know I live tweet the show every week. So I was so excited when we filmed an Olivia Pope related episode for Home Savvy.
We love Liv’s style, but her apartment is also amazing. She keeps her space neutral with a few dashes of color and chic, detailed elements. Whenever she’s having a sip {or full bottle!} of wine, I always find myself looking at the background in her apartment.
Well, in the latest episode of Madame Noire’s Home Savvy, I show you how to duplicate the look and feel of Olivia Pope’s apartment using lights. Yes, something as simple as lighting can update any living space.
Table lamps, sconces and chandeliers from The Home Depot are surprisingly affordable and fly.
Check the short video below to see how you can get the look of Olivia’s home decor, for way less.
*Of course my entire outfit for this episode is thrifted: a fire engine red turtleneck {I was burning up on set!} and wide leg Max Mara pants with a gold belt.

photo source: 1, 2
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