How Much Are You Willing to Pay at Payless?

Posted On Thursday, March 11th, 2010
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I truly love the designer collaborations from stores like Target and Payless. But is there a limit to how much you’re willing to pay for these “designer” items? I thought about this when I cam across these Christian Siriano for Payless heels. They’re mighty fierce and certainly cheaper than anything from this signature collection. But the $80 price tag kinda made me wince. 80 bucks. At Payless? Hmm

So what say you: Would you spend $80 for a pair of shoes at Payless (even if they are a part of a designer collaboration)? Or maybe $50 for an item at Forever 21?

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5 thoughts on “How Much Are You Willing to Pay at Payless?

  1. $80 is a bit much for Payless but I think that’s becoming the trend with these designer collabos. Mr. Siriano is FIERCE and so are the shoes. I might buy them.

  2. The shoes are hot (definitely unlike anything else you’ll see at Payless) but there’s no way I’m spending almost $100 there!

  3. Paying $80 for one pair of shoes at Payless defies the entire brading for Payless. If it were $80 total and I walked out with multiple pairs of shoes, fine but one pair… I don’t think so.

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