The Real Deal About Cheap Shoes {Do They Last?}

Posted On Tuesday, December 6th, 2016
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It’s no secret I love a good deal. And if you’re reading this blog, you probably do too. Though I’m cool with a $1 thrift store shirt, shoes can be a different story. Your footwear carries the weight of your body and can seriously affect your feet if they’re poorly constructed {i.e. cheap!}.

But before you write off cheap shoes, here are some observations: the good and the bad I’ve observed over the past few months wearing three pairs of cheap shoes.

printed-canvas-sneakers-lot-less-sneakers-cheap-shoes Let’s start with the “bad” first. If you follow me on Snapchat {PatriceJWill}, then you may remember when I bought these $5 canvas sneakers from Lot Less. I loved the comfy kicks for the season and palm tree print. They were perfect for a Thrifty Threads look. I wore them a few times and then that was it. There was absolutely no foot support and the lining of the shoe started falling a part after two months. Yeah, I got what I paid for.

But on a good note.. These Payless Fioni Night peep toe lace up heels were and still are a gem. A year later I’m still wearing these beauties. And not only am I wearing them, they’re super comfortable. Comfy as in I wore them last New Year’s Eve when I was on my feet all night. The heel is still in tact and hasn’t had to be repaired yet. I also purchased a pair of Fioni knee high riding boots that lasted for four years before I had to trash them. Unfortunately the shoes above are no longer available.

And somewhere in between the good and bad is this pair of Forever 21 heels. It may come as a surprise these were my first pair of F21 shoes. I had previously heard the brand didn’t have the most comfortable footwear but I decided to try them for myself. Similar to the Payless heels, I was pleased but I wouldn’t wear these all night.

I stepped into the cage heels at 10:30 am. Walked around at work all day. Up and down stairs. To the subway. Sat down for two hours in a class and then back to the train. My feet held up but they weren’t so happy with with by 8pm. You really shouldn’t wear heels alllll day {whether they’re cheap or not!}, so this isn’t much of a surprise. Another time I wore the shoes I didn’t last longer than four or so hours before the balls of my feet were burning.

General rule when buying or wearing cheap shoes: know your expectations, where you’ll be wearing them and for how long.

Though the Payless pumps have been a great surprise, don’t expect much lasting time from shoes that are extremely wallet friendly. You may luck out, but also keep realistic expectations.

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Also, bear in mind what activities you’ll be wearing the shoes for. Are they just for walking around the office? Stomping the unforgiving streets of NYC? One time wear for a special occasion? This can all factor into your comfort and how long the shoes will last.

How Long Do Cheap Shoes Really Last?

Do you have a favorite brand of cheap shoes? What’s the most affordable pair of shoes you purchased and how long have they lasted?

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