Housing Works, the SoHo edition

Posted On Monday, December 7th, 2009
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So what did I decide to do this weekend as the frigid temps in NYC were mixed with rain and snow? I decided to go thrifting of course, as I’m on a serious hunt for a long, over-sized cardigan.

Though I’m a Housing Works warehouse pro, I rarely go to their other locations in the city. But I decided to make my way to the SoHo location and I feel in love.

The store’s pretty frickin’ small but it packs a punch. The cramped space was littered with Valentino, Ungaro, Ferragamo, Chanel and pretty much every other label I would normally never be able to afford. Unfortunately I didn’t find my coveted cardigan, but here are some of the other great items I stumbled upon.

I’m a sucker for high heels and this store sucked me right in. This pair of Stuart Weitzman pumps ($70 or $75, I forget) with a raffia heel and patent Theory pumps ($60) are lust-worthy. The prices at the stores are higher than the warehouse location, but the items are also more high end, in great condition and you don’t have to dig in bins. Even a cheapie like myself can appreciate designer heels under $100. The racks also had selections from Prada, Manolo and Valentino.

The photo doesn’t do this Jill Stuart dress ($70) any justice. I loved the structure of the bodice. And this Tocca dress ($110) was to die for, or maybe I just loved the soft mohair. There were tons of other dresses so this would be a great place to find an outfit for a formal occasion.

They even had a few pieces of furniture. The sofa was only $225, cheaper than what you’d find at Ikea! And the wardrobe chest ($375) was a little steep for my taste but it had a unique, vintage-y feel that would add character to any apartment.

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