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Posted On Tuesday, November 8th, 2011
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A few weeks ago I showed you guys the awesome pieces I found at the Housing Works Buy the Bag sale. I fit 30 items of clothing in a bag for just $25, so that was less than $1 per piece of clothing. And last week I showed you how I put together a Thrifty Threads outfit with pieces from the sale. The sale I went to last month was initially the last one of the year, but the great folks at Housing Works added a few more dates for us thriftaholics. So if you weren’t able to attend a sale this year, or you couldn’t get enough, you’re in luck.

Housing Works Buy the bag, thrift store haul

Mark your calendar for November 19 and 26, when the sales will be held from 9am-12pm. The hours are different than the regular sale times, but this gives you just enough time to get in, dig through some bins and add a few great pieces to your wardrobe. I’m still beaming from my Armani blazer and vintage sequin jacket I scored last time.

Housing Works Buy the Bag Sales:
Saturday, November 19 and 26
4849 35th St., Long Island City, New York

Update: The hours are now 11am-2pm. Same dates, just different times.

If you need any last minute tips on how to prepare for the sale, check out my quick video. I’m not sure if I’ll be there on the 19th, 26th or both, but if you see me, be sure to say hi!

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13 thoughts on “Housing Works Buy the Bag Dates

  1. I will definitely be there Nov. 26th (my 30th B-day 🙂 ) to get my shop on.  I have never been thrift shopping before but your post and the outfits you put together (which are so me) inspired me.  Plus, with a wedding and moving coming up, definitely need to penny pinch.  Thanks again..

    • I’m not sure if I’m going to both, but if I do, then the 2 sales will be my only shopping for the month (more than enough clothing to get me through the winter!)

  2. great, I will be there… The  Power Hour tickets from 10 – 11am, since this will be my first time, I did not see a link to purchase online. Do you just show up 10 and pay the additional 5 bucks to shop early???

    • I posted the new times above, which start at 9am, whereas the other sales started at 11am and 10am for power hour tickets. I doubt there are any Power Hour tickets for these sales. 

  3. I should have noted: I did provide the $5 donation to the Housing Works Web site when I first noticed their update on the November 19th BTB event.  I see that the donation was indeed processed, so wondering if the Power Hour is indeed taking place.  If not, it is perfectly fine since it is a donation to a wonderful cause.  Any help you can provide would be appreciated! 

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