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Posted On Wednesday, August 24th, 2011
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Housing Works is back at it again. You know I love their Buy the Bag sale {you can purchase an entire bag of clothing for just $25} but now the thrift store chain returns with their “Best of” sales. Formerly known as Previews, it’s the annual event where clothing, furniture and artwork is just a fraction of the original cost. The already affordable pieces are marked down even more! Starting on August 30, each location will have a specific sale day.

Below are a few of my favorite Housing Works locations along with sale dates.

SoHo {130 Crosby St.}
This location isn’t that big on square footage but it’s packed full of high end shoes and dresses.
Sale date: August 30, 5pm-8pm

Chelsea {143 West 17th St.}
I was killing time waiting around for an event to start when I stumbled upon this location yesterday. A-mazing! Tons of accessories and the furniture selection is endless. This is the perfect place if you’re looking to add an end table, sofa or other home decor to your place.
Sale date: September 4, 5pm-8pm

Gramercy {157 East 23rd St.}
I’ve become a regular at this spot. In addition to great dresses, some with the original price tag still on, the accessories counter is full of vintage earrings and layered necklaces.
Sale date: September 20, 5pm–8pm

And if you’re not in the New York area, you can shop the “Best Of” sale online. Just visit ShopHousingWorks.com on September 5, starting at noon.



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8 thoughts on “Housing Works “Best Of” Sale

    • I just listed a few of my favorite locations, you have to check the site for all location sale dates, the link is above. 

  1. i’m thinking of coming to NYC during fashion week and will be going to several of your haunts. what do you recommend to go to for a person in town for at least 3 days in manhattan? I arriving with an near empty suitcase just to come back home with my new found items!

    • Hi Sharon,
      I’ve done a post on my favorite thrift stores (you can use the search function on the site to get more in depth info on them), but my faves:
      Goodwill on East 23rd St, Salvation Army on 46th St, Housing Works on Crosby St., 17th St or East 23rd.
      Hope this helps! 

  2. Do people have to pay an entry fee?  I remember stopping by Housing Works locations on sale days, in previous years, and being asked to pay $10 to get in (which I won’t do, even if the items are really stellar, because the prices are already high (or higher than is usual for them, at least), and the leftovers from these previews always end up going on sale in the weeks after)…

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