Housing Works $20 Warehouse Sale

Posted On Tuesday, January 25th, 2011
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I’ve mentioned the Housing Works $20 All You Can Stuff sale before {check out what I snagged on my last visit: I stuffed 38 items in my bag for $20}. And it’s here again. If you’re in NYC, Housing Works is having another sale on Saturday, 1/29.

A little background on the sale: you enter a large room full of thrifted treasures, dig through bins and whatever you can stuff in a brown paper bag {the kind you’d get at the grocery store} is yours for just $20. And there’s no limit to the number of bags you can buy.

Amazing, right? I’ve walked away from these sales with a Theory military jacket, Chanel pumps and Prada bag.

Click more to read up on some tips for shopping the massive sale.

Work in Teams:

Besides the fun of having a group of friends with you, going with a few people allows you to shop for one another. If your friend sees something you may like, she can grab it for you and you can decide later if you want to keep it.

Dress Well:

The sale can be a bit chaotic so what you wear is key. Ladies, nix the cumbersome purses and go with a crossbody bag that won’t get in your way. And wear flats. Besides the comfort factor, clothes tend to get pulled out of bins and thrown on the floor and I don’t think you want to walk over a pile of clothes in four inch heels.

Grab Everything:

If you see something you like, throw it in your bag and decide if you want it later. After you’re done shopping, find a quiet corner and go through your bag. Be sure to check for tears, stains and fit, then determine if it’s a keeper.

Bring Your Own Bag:

Though Housing Works provides you with brown bags that your clothes have to ultimately fit in, while you’re shopping, use your own big bag. Most people bring a large Ikea bag or duffel bag they can sling over their shoulder. This allows you to stuff more items quickly.

Fold Tightly:

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection, fold everything tightly. The idea is to fit as many items as possible in your bag. Think of it as packing for a vacation and trying to squeeze everything in one carry-on. As a general rule, I place the larger, bulky items on the bottom and stuff smaller spaces with shirts and blouses.

This was the first thrift store I went to when I moved to NYC and it’s never disappointed me. The crowd and sheer volume of clothing can be overwhelming, but just be patient and keep your eyes open for an amazing cheap chic find.

I’ll definitely be at the sale on Saturday morning. If you see me, be sure to say hi!

Info on the Housing Works All You Can Stuff sale, including address and times.

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