How to Find a Holiday Party Dress at the Thrift Shop

Posted On Thursday, December 1st, 2016
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December is here and that means party season is in full swing. But along with parties comes invites and the question of “what do I wear?
Whether the occasion calls for formal or festive, I can guarantee you’ll find something amazing and super affordable at your local thrift shop and here’s why…

The inventory at thrift stores can be extremely unpredictable. But one of the tips I mention in my book, Looking Fly on a Dime: How to Find Fabulous Fashion at Any Thrift Shop & Make the Cheap Look Chic, is to maximize your results by shopping at the best times. And the holiday season is an optimal time. That’s because people are feeling super generous and donating more and also cleaning out their closet for the new year.
So yeah, it’s a good idea to hit up your local thrift store for any needs but especially holiday party attire. Because if there’s one thing thrift shops has it’s lots of bright colors, ruffles, tulle, sequins, velvet and long dresses you can glam up. And these pieces are super easy to spot on the racks!
This week’s Thrifty Threads is head to toe secondhand. The jacket is a Housing Works Buy the Bag find, the tiered tulle dress is IndigoStyle Vintage and the shoes are Frye, which I scored for free at a swap party.
The dress was a little longer than I wanted, so I used my fashion hack to instantly shorten the hem with a belt. This tip has been a lifesaver on so many occasions!
Festive options are in full effect at any thrift shop {just like this vintage dress of mine that looks exactly like a Christmas ornament!} so hit the racks and see what you’ll find.
Stay tuned for next week’s post where I’ll be breaking down party dress codes and what to wear if an invitation calls for festive, formal, cocktail, etc.
What’s been your latest thrift store score? Do you thrift shop more during the holiday season?
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