H&M The Garden Collection

Posted On Sunday, January 10th, 2010
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Last week H&M offered us a sneak peak at their eco-friendly line, The Garden Collection. It’s a bit ironic they have an eco line considering they throw away perfectly good clothing,…but let’s not focus on that at the moment.

H&M describes The Garden Collection as romantic, exotic and glamorous. The shirts, dresses, shorts and jackets are made of organic cotton, organic linen and recycled polyester. And everything is under $60.

I’ve never been a huge fan of H&M’s clothing (I just feel like everyone ends up looking like retail clones), but I’m swooning hardcore over this red dress ($39.95) and the rosette, cap sleeve dress ($29.95).

Click here to see the complete collection. Do you plan to be first in line when it hits stores in March?

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0 thoughts on “H&M The Garden Collection

  1. Beautiful dress!! I’m also surprised with the price ! BEcause even though H&M advertises as being budget friendly, sometimes a simple top can run you $40. Great find!

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