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Posted On Tuesday, October 14th, 2014
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Last month I shared I would be resurrecting a few reader favorites and Fab, Fit and Frugal is officially back. Of course “looking fly on a dime” involves fashion, but being fly is an overall lifestyle, so it’s only natural for fitness to be included in that. Oh, and I also gained a few pounds this summer and can’t zip up a few of my dresses. Eek! So now I’m really all about being healthy on a budget.

One of my former bad habits I occasionally fall back into involves soda and juice. I have a major sweet tooth, so these drinks make me happy! However, the additives are pretty horrible and not to mention what the sugar does to your body and skin.

So that’s why I was delighted to learn about Hint Water. It’s the perfect fix when you want something other than boring water, but need to ditch the soda and juice.

I first tried Hint Water during Fashion Week. BWRPR was hosting a style suite with amazing brands and in between drooling over accessories, I took a few sips of Hint Water. It was the perfect, refreshing drink, especially the grapefruit.


So what is Hint Water? It’s water with a dash of natural fruit and no sugar, sweeteners or calories! Also, there’s Hint Fizz which is just like Hint Water but with a bit of fizzle and pop. Basically, it’s the perfect alternative to soda. With flavors like apple, watermelon, blood orange, apple cider, strawberry kiwi and more, there’s something for every taste.


I love to pour my water into a cute jar. Healthy and stylish!


It’s statistically proven when you sip water out of a cute jug and straw {both from @target } it tastes better. I made that up, but whatever!

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You can buy Hint Water online here.

Have you ever tried Hint Water? Are there any alternatives you drink to curb the soda and juice cravings? 

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