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Posted On Tuesday, October 13th, 2009
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dress leggings up with a flirty top

dress leggings up with a flirty top

i'm a sucker for a belted blazer

i'm a sucker for a belted blazer

  • Stella McCartney for H&M blazer: 50¢
  • Newport News top (Don’t laugh, it’s adorable): $2
  • Nine West boots: $2
  • Don’t know who the belt is by: $1

I love this look. Spiffy enough for an interview but relaxed enough for date night. And the pieces are all from thrift stores. Ok, well the leggings are Forever 21. Cute, right?

I’m sure some people are still a bit skeptical about the “second-hand” goodies that can be found thrifting, so next week I’ll be creating a week’s worth of looks (office attire, casual wear, etc.) with my Housing Works and Goodwill finds.

Note: I’m reluctantly posting these pics of my cute outfits as I now feel I can’t wear them in public any longer (a girl can’t be photographed in the same thing twice, right?) I guess this just gives me more reason to shop!

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