Posted On Monday, January 11th, 2010
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Have you guys ever heard of Groupon? It wasn’t until a few days ago that I came across this site.

How it works: Groupon offers daily discounts in 30 cities on spa services, restaurants, activities, etc. If you like the deal, you sign up to for it. If a certain number of people sign up for the discount, then it’s valid.

Let me explain that a bit better. Groupon promises companies a minimum number of customers who will sign up for a discount and if this quota is met, then the offer is in effect.

What I like about the site is they have great coupons but I don’t like that choosing to “buy” a deal requires you to supply your credit card information (they need this info on file so they have assurance you’re serious about the deal). However, if you “buy” a deal and it’s not activated (due to not enough people signing up), then your account is not charged. I guess I’m just a little iffy about a company having my credit card info on file.

Would you/have you tried Groupon?

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