5 Easy Ways to Have a Great Vacation in Bad Weather

Posted On Friday, February 17th, 2017
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My trip to the Bahamas last month was an adventure to say the least. It was originally scheduled for last November {thanks to an awesome deal on JetBlue}, but Hurricane Matthew came along and slammed the Bahamas hard. Once the island recovered I was happy to finally make my trip and stay at the Riu Palace Paradise Island. But just as I was prepping for my getaway, the forecast predicted windy weather and cooler than average temps.
However, I still managed to have an awesome trip. Whether it’s wind, rain or choppy waters, here’s how to have a good trip, even with bad weather.

Slow Down and Eat 
I know this sounds obvious but enjoy the cuisine of the country you’re in. There’s no better time to dine indoors when outside is looking a bit yucky. At the Riu Paradise Island that meant taking advantage of the multiple gourmet restaurants on site. I was surprisingly pleased with the buffet, but the restaurants were where it was at. While the buffet was open to all, the restaurants had limited seating and were first come, first serve. I stayed at the Riu for four night and three of those nights I tried different restaurants {Japanese, steakhouse and fusion}. The service was impeccable and attentive. Initially I felt a bit silly about eating Japanese food in Bahamas {who goes to a Caribbean resort to eat ramen?!}, but the specialty restaurants were great. It was a nice change of pace to just relax and enjoy a solid meal, compared to the rushed, sometimes crowded feel of a buffet. If you’re not on a resort, that can mean taking a short walk or taxi to a restaurant that locals swear by.
Meet New People
There’s no better time to make a new friend {or at least someone to take a few pics for you!} than when you’re all cooped up inside a hotel or resort. Again, the bad weather makes people slow down a bit, so they’re more inclined to chat, snap pics, share a meal or split a cab ride to a local destination. Use this to your advantage. During dinner at the fusion restaurant, I met a couple who was celebrating their honeymoon. We randomly started talking about the high cost of living in major cities {they were from Australia} and we ended up going to the bar for a drink.
Take Recommendations from the Staff
I’m a firm believer in asking a ton of questions to the hotel or resort employees. One particular morning it was extremely windy on Paradise Island but I was determined to walk on the beach. The weather was still nice, but just really windy. A Riu employee, who affectionally called me Ms. New York, saw me walking and suggested I take a short cab ride to Nassau. The water wouldn’t be as choppy and I could try some great local food, specifically Twin Brothers fish fry.
I took his advice and he was absolutely right. I had the best conch fritters ever and enjoyed a few hours of just walking up and down the colorful Arawak Cay. Hotel employees have experienced all types of weather, especially if they’re natives of the country, so they’re a treasure trove of information if you need suggestions for indoor activities or alternative destinations.
Check Local Museums
I know, the thought of a museum may not seem sexy when you’re in the Caribbean and you’d rather be wading in the sea. But museums, aquariums, exhibits and more are awesome ways to learn about a country, its ecosystem and history. There were a few museums in Nassau that I wanted to visit but by the time I was done at the fish fry and had a few beers, let’s just say I was ready to head back to my hotel. A simple Google or Trip Advisor search will show you what sights are near by and with Trip Advisor you’ll see honest reviews from fellow travelers.
Relax in Your Room
This is a hard one for me to follow because I’m the type of person who really doesn’t rest or sleep on vacation. But when you’re on vacation and the weather isn’t cooperating, just unwind in your room. Take a bath. Catch up on your favorite reality tv. Hit the minibar {Riu Paradise Island had a bar and fridge that was restocked every day!} and enjoy room service. My all inclusive stay at the Riu included room service, but I was normally so full from dining out that I never used it. But I was happy when I returned to my room one night and found they left me a tray of chocolate covered strawberries. Nice touch! They were the perfect treat as I watched Little Women: Atlanta {my guilty pleasure!}. Regardless of where you’re staying, look into whatever amenities the hotel might provide.
So yeah, I know it can be frustrating if the weather isn’t perfect when you’re on vacation but that definitely doesn’t have to ruin your trip. But also be prepared. Because when the weather does perk back up, know exactly what you want to do so you can enjoy the sunshine!
Stay tuned for another Travel on a Dime post when I’ll share real deal tips for women who are afraid to travel alone.
How do you manage disappointment when the weather is horrible during vacation? 
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