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Posted On Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009
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So last week I let you in on my new thrifting obsession, the Goodwill Outlet. I’ve gone to Goodwill before where the clothes are sorted and individually price, but never to an outlet where the clothes are in bins and priced by pound. Let me tell you, this is a budget babe’s heaven. I’ll be forever loyal to the Housing Works warehouse sale, but I liked the variety of Goodwill. Here’s the lowdown:

Setting: The outlet is housed in a spacious, well lit room with big blue bins. Unlike the deep, wooden bins of Housing Works, these were plastic (no splinters!) and not too deep (so you don’t have to practically topple into the bin if you want to get to the bottom). And they’re organized extremely well. All of the jeans, shoes, dresses, jackets, etc are in their respective spots, which is great if you’re looking for something specific. And while you’re sifting through items, your nose isn’t tortured with that funky, musty smell that usually plagues some thrift stores. The outlet’s open six days a week so you can shop at your convenience, instead of being forced into a crowded, Saturday morning sale.

DSC02217 Selection: I was really impressed with the assortment of items offered. Electronics, furniture, shoes, books (especially children’s and romance novels), vinyl records, etc. Though some of the electronics are a bit outdated and may need some repair, how can you not get a kick out of seeing an typewriter (what’s that?) or an original PlayStation? And the clothing was just as varied, in style and sizes. I found everything from an Old Navy leather coat to a Theory military jacket (my new BFF!) to an adorable pair of leopard flats.

Prices: Like I stated, the items are priced by weight, clothes are $1.29-$1.69/lb and accessories are $1.39-1.79/lb. I walked away with two big bags of goodies for under $19. There’s even a weigh station so you can get an estimate of how much your tally is before you reach the register.

Pros: great variety, they accept credit/debit cards

Cons: no dressing rooms and no mirrors

Goodwill stores are located across the country (and more and more outlets are popping up), find one in your ‘hood!

Theory blazer

Theory blazer


I love to use vinyl records as wall art for my apartment!

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